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English Electric Lightning


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Sadly not all can be saved - XN774 was used for fire crew training duties, ending up as a prop in a crash training scenario at RAF Coningsby before finally being buried under a pile of gravel; Nick Challoner

Lightnings have thankfully survived retirement very well, with many airframes preserved throughout the UK (and a few elsewhere). Some are even flying, though not in the UK. The sheer popularity of the Lightning is evident in the number that have ended up in museums - and not only just parked on the nearest bit of grass, but often pampered with nice air-conditioned hangars! Given the importance of the Lightning in beginning Britain's defence exports to the Middle East and its advanced design for its time, it is only fitting that you don't have to travel far to find at least one of these wonderful pieces of aviation history.

The list here is compiled from a number of sources, with particular credit to Wrecks & Relics, Military Aircraft Markings, Lightnings Live On, Demobbed and of course many visitor contributions.

Click on the serial of a survivor entry for further information. Please comment on any individual survivor entry you feel requires an update!

Complete aircraft

SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
WG768SB.5RAF Museum Cosford, Shropshire17/05/2007
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
WG760P.1ARAF Museum Cosford, Shropshire17/05/2007
WG763P.1AMuseum of Science and Industry, Manchester17/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XA847P.1BGiles Howell (stored), Kettleburgh, Suffolk18/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XG313F.1RSAF, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
XG329F.1Ian Hancock, Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton, Norfolk18/10/2008
XG337F.1RAF Museum Cosford, Shropshire17/05/2007
XM135F.1Imperial War Museum, Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire22/02/2017
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XM172F.1ALakes Lightnings, Spark Bridge, Cumbria17/10/2008
XM173F.1ADyson Ltd. (on display in staff canteen), Malmesbury, Wiltshire24/11/2016
XM178F.1AAssociation des Amis du Musee du Chateau, Savigny-Les-Beaune, France
XM192F.1ACharles Ross, Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire17/06/2010
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XN730F.2AMilitärhistorische Museum der Bundeswehr, Flugplatz Gatow, Berlin, Germany03/01/2017
XN776F.2AScottish National Museum Of Flight, East Fortune Airfield, Lothian, Scotland17/10/2008
XN782F.2ALuftfahrtausstellung Museum, Hermeskeil, Germany18/10/2008
XN784F.2APS Aero, Baarlo, Netherlands18/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XP706F.3Scott Clayton, Aeroventure, Lakeside and Leisure Complex, Doncaster, South Yorkshire24/11/2016
XR713F.3Lightning Preservation Group, Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome, Leicestershire24/11/2016
XR718F.3Anthony Harker, Darlington, Durham03/01/2006
XR749F.3Score Group PLC (gate guard), Glenugie Engineering Works, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire29/04/2012
XR751F.3Roy Flood, Venland Manor, St. Clear, Cornwall
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XL629T.4MoD Boscombe Down (displayed near gate), Wiltshire18/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XS416T.5Privately owned, Whaley Farm, New York, Lincolnshire21/01/2009
XS417T.5Newark Air Museum, Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire13/03/2008
XS420T.5Richard Hall, Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum (gate guard), Farnborough, Hampshire30/12/2013
XS422T.5Anglo-American Lightning Organisation (restoration to fly), Stennis International Airport, Hancock County, Mississippi, USA17/10/2008
XS456T.5Skegness Water Leisure Park, Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire04/01/2011
XS458T.5Russell Carpenter (taxiable), Cranfield, Bedfordshire12/10/2008
XS459T.5Fenland and West Norfolk Aviation Museum, West Walton Highway, Norfolk13/10/2012
ZU-BBD (ex XS452)T.5Mike Beachy Head (for sale), Cape Town, South Africa09/112010
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XP693 (ZU-BEY, ex G-FSIX)F.6Mike Beachy Head (for sale), Cape Town, South Africa09/11/2010
'XP765' (really XS897)F.6Lakes Lightnings, RAF Coningsby (29 Sqn, displayed), Lincolnshire24/11/2016
XR724F.6Lightning Association, Binbrook airfield, Lincolnshire19/01/2012
XR725F.6Charles Ross, Chestnut Farm, Binbrook village, Lincolnshire19/10/2008
XR728F.6Lightning Preservation Group (taxiable), Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire24/11/2016
XR753F.6RAF Coningsby (11 Sqn mascot, displayed), Lincolnshire29/06/2007
XR755F.6Ernie Marshall, near Callington, Cornwall20/02/2006
XR770F.6RAF Manston History Museum, Manston, Kent30/12/2015
XR771F.6Midland Air Museum, Coventry Airport, Warwickshire19/10/2008
XR773 (ZU-BEW, ex G-OPIB)F.6Mike Beachy Head (for sale), Cape Town, South Africa09/11/2010
XS903F.6Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington, North Yorkshire19/10/2008
XS904F.6Lightning Preservation Group (taxiable), Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire24/11/2016
XS919F.6Henstridge Airfield (stored), Somerset01/07/2014
XS925F.6RAF Museum, Hendon, Greater London24/11/2016
XS928F.6BAE Systems, Warton (displayed within the site), Lancashire17/10/2008
XS929F.6RAF Akrotiri (gate guardian), Cyprus01/08/2011
XS936F.6Roy Flood, Castle Air/Castle Motors, on A38 near Liskeard, Cornwall19/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
52-609 (ex 52-655, XN767)F.52Technical Services Institute, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
52-610 (ex 52-656, XN770)F.52Saqr al Jazira (RSAF) Museum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia23/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
53-412F.53Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait
53-415F.53RKAFB Al Jaber (gate guardian), Kuwait
53-416F.53RKAFB Al Jaber (gate guardian), Kuwait
53-417F.53RKAFB Al Jaber (gate guardian), Kuwait
53-418F.53Educational Science Museum, Kuwait City, Kuwait
53-420F.53Kuwait Technology Institute, Kuwait
53-421F.53Air Museum, Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait
53-422F.53RKAFB Ali Al Salem (gate guardian), Kuwait16/11/2008
53-423F.53RKAFB Ali Al Salem (gate guardian), Kuwait16/11/2008
53-684? ('1303')F.53Displayed, Taif, Saudi Arabia07/02/2009
53-687F.53RSAF, Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia
53-698F.53RSAF Tabuk (gate guardian?), Saudi Arabia23/10/2008
53-699F.53RSAF Tabuk, Saudi Arabia23/10/2008
'XR753' (really ZF578, ex 53-670)F.53Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, Tangmere, West Sussex19/10/2008
'XS933' (really ZF594, ex 53-696)F.53North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear12/05/2013
ZF579 (ex 53-671)F.53Gatwick Aviation Museum, Charlwood, Surrey22/04/2007
ZF580 (ex 53-672)F.53Classic Air Force, Newquay Cornwall Airport, St. Mawgan, Cornwall02/07/2014
ZF581 (ex 53-675)F.53Bentwaters Cold War Museum, Bentwaters airfield, Suffolk18/05/2012
ZF583 (ex 53-681)F.53Solway Aviation Society, Carlisle Airport, Cumbria17/02/2012
ZF584 (ex 53-682)F.53Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum, Dumfries, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland06/09/2012
ZF588 (ex 53-693)F.53East Midlands Aeropark, East Midlands Airport, Leicestershire18/10/2008
ZF591 (ex 53-685)F.53Location unknown
ZF592 (ex 53-686)F.53City of Norwich Aviation Museum, Horsham St. Faith, Norfolk21/04/2007
ZF593 (ex 53-692)F.53Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona, USA06/09/2012
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
54-607 (ex 54-650, XM989)T.54RSAF (displayed), Dhahran Airport, Saudi Arabia
54-608 (ex 54-651, XM992)T.54Prince Sultan Air Base (gate guard), Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia01/11/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
55-410T.55RKAFB Ali Al Salem (wreckage, derelict), Kuwait2001
55-411T.55Air Museum, Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait
55-713 (ZF598)T.55Midland Air Museum, Coventry Airport, Warwickshire18/10/2008
55-716T.55Saqr al Jazira (RSAF) Museum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia23/10/2008
ZF597 (ex 55-711)T.55Olympic Flight Museum, Olympia, Washington, USA17/10/2008

Nose/cockpit/other sections

SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
N/ASimulatorTangmere Military Aviation Museum, Tangmere, West Sussex22/01/2012
'XM171'SimulatorFarnborough Air Sciences Trust (cockpit), Farnborough, Hampshire20/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XG325F.1Privately owned, Thetford, Norfolk22/08/2012
XG331F.1Jet Age Museum (cockpit only, stored), Gloucestershire19/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XM144F.1ALakes Lightnings, Spark Bridge, Cumbria06/02/2012
XM169F.1AHighlands Aviation Museum, Inverness Airport, Scotland19/10/2008
XM191F.1APrivately owned, North Scarle, Lincolnshire19/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XN769F.2Malta Aviation Museum, Ta' Qali, Malta18/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XN726F.2ABoscombe Down Aviation Collection, Old Sarum Airfield, Wiltshire14/06/2020
XN728 (8546M)F.2AMark Rumble, Lincolnshire09/10/2012
XN795F.2ANigel Towler, Cockpit Collection, Rayleigh, Essex
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XP701F.3Robertsbridge Aviation Society, Mayfield, East Sussex13/10/2013
XP703F.3Lightning Preservation Group, Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome, Leicestershire22/08/2012
XP743F.3Ken Hayward, Wattisham Station Heritage, Wattisham, Suffolk08/10/2012
XP745F.3Vanguard Haulage (undergoing restoration for display at The Lightning pub next door), Greenford, Greater London
XP757F.3Martyn Steele (cockpit only), Stamford, Lincolnshire25/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XS421T.5Nigel Towler, Cockpit Collection, Rayleigh, Essex
XS457T.5Lincair, Binbrook, Lincolnshire19/10/2008
XV328T.5Phoenix Aviation, Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome, Leicestershire12/10/2008
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XR726F.6Privately owned, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
XR747F.6Privately owned, Cubert, Newquay, Devon12/10/2004
XR754F.6Matt Buddle, Upwood, Cambridgeshire30/12/2013
XR757F.6Privately owned, RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire08/11/2010
XR759F.6Andrew Exton, Haxey, Gainsborough, Humberside28/07/2003
XS898F.6Tony Collins, Lavendon, Buckinghamshire19/10/2008
XS899F.6Charles Ross, Binbrook, Lincolnshire19/01/2012
XS922F.6Lakes Lightnings (cockpit only), Spark Bridge, Cumbria16/03/2006
XS923F.6Sue & Roy Gorman, Welshpool, Powys, Wales
XS932F.6Richard Scarborough, Walcott, Lincolnshire06/04/2009
XS933F.6Hadyn Block, Terrington Aviation Collection, Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
ZF577 (ex 53-668)F.53Pinewood Film Studios (nose only?), Buckinghamshire19/10/2008
ZF582 (ex 53-676)F.53Bournemouth Aviation Museum, Hurn, Dorset01/11/2008
ZF586 (ex 53-688)F.53Pinewood Film Studios (nose only?), Buckinghamshire19/10/2008
ZF587 (53-691)F.53Mike Coleman, Lashenden Air Warfare Museum, Headcorn, Kent07/05/2004
ZF587 (ex 53-691)F.53Giles Howell (stored - fuselage, wings, tail), Kettleburgh, Suffolk
ZF590 (ex 53-679)F.53Lincair (fuselage), Binbrook, Lincolnshire19/10/2008
ZF590 (ex 53-679)F.53Matt Buddle (cockpit), Upwood, Cambridgeshire22/01/2012
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
ZF595 (ex 55-714)T.55Anglo-American Lightning Organisation (nose, spares use), Stennis International Airport, Hancock County, Mississippi, USA19/10/2008
ZF595 (ex 55-714)T.55Lincair (fuselage, stored), Binbrook, Lincolnshire19/10/2008
ZF596 (ex 55-715)T.55Anglo American Lightning Organisation (fuselage - stored, spares use), Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome, Leicestershire19/10/2008
ZF596 (ex 55-715)T.55Lakes Lightnings (nose), Spark Bridge, Cumbria06/02/2012