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T.4 XL629 - MoD Boscombe Down (displayed near gate), Wiltshire

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Lightning T.4 XL629 at Boscombe Down, 1st July 2000; Damien Burke

The twin-tubber on show above is the one and only preserved T.4 - XL629 at Boscombe Down. XL629 was used by the Empire Test Pilots School from 1966 to 1975 and retains the colours she wore while in service. Displayed on the gate for many years, in 1999 XL629 was repainted and looks stunning. Unfortunately the station has expanded a little past the former gate position, so XL629 is now slightly within the base which can make getting permission for photography of the aircraft a bit of a hit and miss affair. As you can see I didn't have any problems though!

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