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English Electric Lightning - Survivor XN782

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F.2A XN782 - Luftfahrtausstellung Museum, Hermeskeil, Germany

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Lightning F.2A XN782 at Hermeskeil, 20th October 2016; Richard E Flagg

First flown on 20th December 1962, in common with many F.2s she served with 19 Squadron RAFG, was returned to Warton in 1963 for conversion to F.2A and then went back to service with 19 Squadron until 1977, when she was flown to Wildenrath on 5th April for retirement as an airfield decoy. When put up for disposal she moved to the Luftfahrtausstellung Museum at Hermeskeil, which is also home to a few other ex-RAF Germany aircraft. XN782 is the subject of a ongoing conservation effort there; for instance they have previously removed the belly tank in order to stop any corrosion and seal the area before putting it back in place. Unfortunately the canopy perspex is clouded and the paint has faded to a brownish hue - with most of the exhibits at Hermeskeil out in the open like this, it's hardly surprising. Unusually she wears an F.6 belly tank complete with cannons - this was not a fit the F.2A carried in service.

A few years ago, XN782 had a repaint and to this day still looks in a pretty decent state.

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