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English Electric Lightning - Survivor 'XS933' (really ZF594, ex 53-696)

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F.53 XS933 - North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

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Lightning F.53 XS933 at North East Aircraft Museum, 31st August 2016; Francis Wallace

Another ex-Saudi bird, ZF594 was 53-696 in Saudi hands, and saw service at Jeddah, Riyadh, Abdul Aziz, Khamis Mushayt, Tabuk, Dhahran (13 Squadron) and Tabuk once more, ending her days with 2 Squadron. Sold back to BAe and given the UK military serial of ZF594, she was flown back to the UK by an RAF pilot and languished at Warton for three and a half years before being sold to the North East Aircraft Museum. ZF594 suffered for many years from being shoehorned into a hangar that simply wasn't big enough to hold the aircraft and the rest of the hangar's contents. The end result is that she was missing much of her tail in order to fit into the confined space. The museum's had a fair bit of flak for the manner in which so many aircraft are shoved into a small space and with their switch, to being a combined air/land/sea museum ZF594 has been moved out of the hangar into the elements - and repainted as an RAF F.6, 'XS933'.

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