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Survivor XS459

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T.5 XS459 - Fenland and West Norfolk Aviation Museum, West Walton Highway, Norfolk

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Lightning T.5 XS459 at the Fenland Aviation Museum, 5th August 2020; Damien Burke

XS459 first flew in December 1965 and served with 226 OCU, 29 Squadron, 56 Squadron, the LTF and latterly 5 Squadron. Disposed of in July 1988 to Tandora Holdings in Narborough, she was sold on again in 1994 to the nascent Fenland and West Norfolk Aviation Museum and has been on display there ever since, moving on from being surrounded by garden furniture at a garden centre to being tucked away in a dedicated museum plot. XS459's belly tank is stored on a trolley alongside her so the trademark bulged Lightning belly is absent, which looks rather odd.

XS459 has had at least one repaint since arrival but is beginning to look a bit faded. More concerningly, the museum has been hit with a huge increase in rent from the land owners which may mean they have to move. This will be particularly difficult for the Lightning as the entrance drive is narrow and the museum area is now closely surrounded by other businesses and has an electricity pylon towering overhead. Fingers crossed the landlord can see reason and the museum can stay in situ.

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