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XR725 - Charles Ross, Chestnut Farm, Binbrook village, Lincolnshire

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Lightning F.6 XR725 at Binbrook, 27th June 1999; author

Built as an F.3 and first flown on 17th March 1965, XR725 was then put into store and converted to an F.6, being delivered to the RAF - 23 Squadron - in August 1967. A bit of a globetrotter, XR725 was damaged while at Sola, Norway, but soon repaired and also turned up at the Toronto air show after a mammoth 7 hour long flight (with air to air refuelling, naturally!). By July 1970 she was with 74 Squadron, and also went on to serve with 56 and 5 Squadrons and the LTF at Binbrook. In late 1982 she joined the LAF (Lightning Augmentation Flight) and from 1985 onwards flew with 11 Squadron. She gained her black spine and fin in the last months of active service. On disposal she was bought by Lightning fanatic Charles Ross, and was transported the short distance to his home in Binbrook village. XR725 is in generally good condition but was accumulating some moss and missing her rudder when I visited. While Charles doesn't mind people taking a look at XR725, please do ask first - unfortunately you do get the odd idiot trespassing on private property just to get a photograph. Since my visit Charles has put in a bed of gravel underneath the aircraft, and she is looking a lot cleaner.

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