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Survivor ZF597 (ex 55-711)

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T.55 ZF597 - Olympic Flight Museum, Olympia, Washington, USA

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Lightning T.55 ZF597 at Olympia, 10th December 2004; Neil Airey/Lakes Lightnings

Originally bought by the Anglo American Lightning Association as a possible spares ship, as they acquired the 595/596 composite, ZF597 was sold to raise additional funds for the restoration to flight status of XS422, and has moved on to the Olympic Flight Museum in Washington state. She was quickly reassembled after transport to the museum, and I had heard there were plans afoot to ground-run her; however, well over a year after that she was still to be found looking rather forlorn on static display with flat tires, depressed oleos, missing rudder and pitot and a generally weary look... and is it me, or is her tail leaning at an angle?

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