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English Electric Lightning - Survivor XM178

F.1A XM178 - Association des Amis du Musee du Chateau, Savigny-Les-Beaune, France

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Lightning F.1A XM178 at Association des Amis du Musee du Chateau, 1st July 2017; Chris Globe

Lightning XM178 made its first flight on the 30th of December 1960 and was delivered to that RAF two months later. The airframe retired into RAF Leuchars on the 28th of May 1974 to be used for decoy duties with maintenance serial 8418M, unfortunately, this is mainly where XM178 received its tatty look due to being kept outside with no tlc.
By October 1989 XM178 was sold and transported to the Association des Amis du Musee du Chateau for public display. Since its arrival, the airframe has sadly not recieved much care, hopefully, she will be treated to a repaint someday in the near future!

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