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T.5 XS417 - Newark Air Museum, Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire

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Lightning T.5 XS417 at Newark Air Museum, 29th December 2018; Jake Wallace

Above is another T.5, the RAF's ultimate trainer variant, seen here preserved in Lightning Training Flight colours at the Newark Air Museum. A visit in 1999 found her to be looking pretty good, however the pitot probe has now been removed, presumably being too dangerous with kids running around the museum. She's also engine-less. Apparently the wings had to be cut off to transport her to the museum; if so, they've done a damn good job of putting her back together - I never noticed any obvious damage to them! XS417 has since had a repaint which still looks to be in great condition today. The picture above shows her displayed at Newark Air Museum on a cold winters day in December 2018.

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