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English Electric Lightning - Survivor 53-423

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F.53 53-423 - RKAFB Ali Al Salem (gate guardian), Kuwait

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Lightning F.53 53-423 at Ali Al Salem, 2016; Aircraft throughout the years

First flown on 11th September 1969, 53-423 was delivered to the Royal Kuwaiti Air Force in December of that year. As with the other Kuwaiti Lightnings she enjoyed a fairly active yet career.

Second, of the two gate guards at the Ali Al Salem air force base in Kuwait, 53-423 is displayed differently to her sister-ship - gear down and mounted on blocks. She's also in poorer condition than 53-422, with some seriously mangled-looking jet pipe, surrounds which you can clearly see in the above photo. She also has a few skin punctures and loose panels, flat tires and the canopy is also slightly open, which can't do the cockpit any good. However, since her arrival, 53-423 has received a repaint and now wears the serial 53-421.

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