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English Electric Lightning - Survivor 55-410

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T.55 55-410 - RKAFB Ali Al Salem (wreckage, derelict), Kuwait

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Lightning T.55 55-410 at Ali Al Salem, 2016; Aircraft throughout the years

The sad remains of 55-410... at least one Kuwait Lightning was destroyed by an F/A-18 attack during the Gulf War, and possibly this is it. Wings and tail have parted company and lie nearby (except for the port wing which is hanging on by a thread) and the fuselage is somewhat chewed up but otherwise, she was remarkably intact, with many fittings still present - including the ejection seats! Sadly however not only did the USN bomb the poor old girl, but USAF crews have daubed graffiti all over the remains in the ensuing years, and robbed various souvenirs from her. They probably think she's a MiG...

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