Thunder & Lightnings

McDonnell-Douglas/BAC F-4K/M Phantom II - Survivors

XT903 nears her end
XT903 nears her end, RAF Leuchars, 11th March 2000; Des Brennan

While it appears from the list below that there are still a respectable number of surviving examples of the UK Phantom, note how many are gate guards or similar at RAF stations or other military establishments. In fact the Phantom force has suffered badly in that their disposal was intended to be by scrapping only, and not by disposal to civilians (including museums). A tiny number have managed to escape into civilian hands regardless, even with MoD efforts to put a stop to some sales after they had gone through! A mass cull of many remaining airframes in MoD hands was threatened in 2000 but stopped at the eleventh hour; since then, however, a number of airframes have been scrapped anyway. This has mostly been due to the establishments they were at being closed, or inspections finding excessive corrosion and upcoming structural failure. The reasons why the airframes have not been allowed to be sold in the usual manner are many but seem to have their basis in the terms of the original sale agreement and the American's wish that no Phantom spares make their way to any unfriendly nations still operating the type!

This particular survivors list is restricted to examples flown by the RAF and Royal Navy, or non-RAF/RN examples where the surviving examples are physically located in the UK now (a handful of airframes).

Complete aircraft

SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XT596FG.1Fleet Air Arm Museum, RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset04/11/2021
XT597FG.1British Phantom Aviation Group, Cotswold Airport, Kemble, Gloucestershire01/09/2021
XT864FG.1Ulster Aviation Society, Long Kesh, Lisburn, Northern Ireland06/03/2022
XV582FG.1South Wales Aviation Museum, St. Athan, Wales24/02/2023
XV586FG.1Morayvia, Kinloss, Scotland30/03/2023
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XT891FGR.2RAF Coningsby (gate guard), Lincolnshire09/06/2021
XT899FGR.2Aviation Museum, Kbely, Czech Republic16/11/2020
XT905FGR.2Privately Owned, Cotswold Airport, Kemble, Gloucestershire01/09/2021
XT914FGR.2Wattisham Heritage Museum, Wattisham Camp, Suffolk09/06/2021
XV401FGR.2Bentwaters Cold War Museum, Bentwaters Airfield, Suffolk05/06/2023
XV406FGR.2Solway Aviation Museum, Carlise Airport, Cumbria14/11/2021
XV408FGR.2Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, Tangmere, West Sussex27/07/2022
XV415FGR.2RAF Boulmer (gate guard), Northumberland19/10/2022
XV424FGR.2RAF Museum London, Hendon, Greater London20/05/2023
XV470FGR.2RAF Akrotiri (BDRT), Cyprus12/01/2012
XV474FGR.2Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire25/03/2022
XV497FGR.2Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton, Suffolk14/06/2021
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
155529 (ex ZE359)F-4J(UK)Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire25/03/2022
ZE360 (ex 155574)F-4J(UK)British Phantom Aviation Group, Manston Airport, Kent08/01/2022
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
63-7414F-4CMidland Air Museum (restoration), Coventry Airport, Warwickshire02/12/2020
63-7699F-4CMidland Air Museum, Coventry Airport, Warwickshire10/06/2022
'65-777' (really 63-7419)F-4CRAF Lakenheath (displayed in the memorial park within the station), Suffolk01/09/2021
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
155848F-4SNational Museum of Flight, (stored), East Fortune, Scotland19/08/2022

Nose/cockpit/other sections

SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XT595FG.1Location and status unknown - possibly scrapped11/01/2012
XT863FG.1Cliftongrade Ltd. (gate guard), Cowes, Isle of Wight10/06/2022
XV581FG.1Staffordshire Wing Air Cadets, Staffordshire01/09/2017
XV591FG.1RAF Museum Midlands, RAF Cosford, Shropshire24/04/2022
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
DB001FGR.2Newark Air Museum (simulator), Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire11/01/2012
XT895FGR.2Mike Davey, Liverpool, Merseyside01/02/2022
XT903FGR.2RAF Museum Cosford (nose, stored), Shropshire11/01/2012
XT903FGR.2RAF Wyton (stored), Cambridgeshire
XT907 (nose)FGR.2Privately owned, (for sale), Hinckley, Leicestershire07/06/2023
XT907 (fuselage)FGR.2Privately owned, Unknown location24/06/2022
XV399FGR.2Privately owned, Vik area, Aust-Agder, Norway02/08/2021
XV402FGR.2Privately owned, United Kingdom 08/08/2022
XV409FGR.2RAF Mount Pleasant (nose, remainder scrapped Jan 2012), Falkland Islands19/01/2012
XV411FGR.2British Phantom Aviation Group (tail only), Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire02/08/2021
XV419FGR.2Privately owned, Ruthin, Wales08/08/2022
XV426FGR.2Mick Jennings, City of Norwich Aviation Museum, Horsham St. Faith, Norfolk05/12/2022
XV460FGR.2Everett Aero (stored), Bentwaters airfield, Sussex16/06/2020
XV489FGR.2Privately owned, Germany02/08/2021
XV490FGR.2Mike Davey/British Phantom Aviation Group, Newark Air Museum, Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire23/12/2021
XV499FGR.2South Wales Aviation Museum (stored), St. Athan, Wales24/02/2023
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
Not knownF-4J(UK)Yorkshire Flight Centre (simulator), Arkendale, Knaresborough, Yorkshire
ZE350 (ex 153768)F-4J(UK)Privately owned, Australia01/01/2018
ZE352 (ex 153783)F-4J(UK)Mike Davey, Liverpool, Merseyside01/02/2022