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Warpaint No.31 McDonnell Douglas F-4K and F-4M Phantom by Steve Hazell


Published by Hall Park Books, 2000

Lots of pictures (mostly monochrome but a good number in colour), development and service history, scale plans covering the differences on each variant, loads of colour profiles. Highly recommended.

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Aeroguide 13 - Phantom by auth

ISBN 0 946958 14 9

Published by Linewrights Ltd., 1986

Aimed at modellers, this slim volume includes a hefty amount of detail pictures, mostly in monochrome, plus camo diagrams. Out of print but occasionally Aeroguides show up as bargain offerings at airshow stalls.

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Aircraft Illustrated Special: RAF Phantom by Peter Foster

ISBN 0 7110 1870 7

Published by Ian Allan, 1989

Could be tricky to find this one, but it's well worth seeking out. Briefly covers development, then settles in for a history of the F-4 in RAF service with copious photos, mostly in monochrome but a fair number in glorious colour. Also includes scale plans and individual aircraft histories. Pity it wasn't published a few years later so that the story could have been finished off properly!

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Wings of Fame volume 15

ISBN 1 86184 033 0

Published by Aerospace Publishing Ltd., 1999

This volume includes a large article on RAF Phantoms, and is worth picking up for that alone - a good history and selection of colour photos, colour 3-view, cutaway and Squadron breakdown. Wings of Fame volumes can be picked up for less than a fiver at airshow stalls - so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain!

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The Phantom Story by Anthony M. Thornborough and Peter E. Davies

ISBN 1-85409-416-5

Published by Armour Press 1994,1997,2000

Buy from Amazon UK

While a general history of the F-4, this does include two good chapters on the UK Phantoms and is still worth picking up even if you're not interested in the non-UK stuff. Sadly lacking in colour however, and be aware that the hardback edition may not include the UK chapters.

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