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Survivor XT899

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XT899 - Aviation Museum, Kbely, Czech Republic

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Phantom FGR.2 XT899 at Kbely, 27th July 2007; Kevan Vogler

XT899 served with 19 Sqn, 228 OCU, 6, 29, 92, 23 and 56 Squadrons and ended her active career at RAF Wattisham with 19 Squadron once again, gaining this overall blue scheme in 1991 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. On retirement in 1992 the airframe was gifted to the then-Czechoslovakian Air Force in recognition of the contribution made by Czechoslovakian aircrew during WWII. It was put on display in the Kbely Aviation Museum in the Czech Republic where it remains to this day. She appears to be well looked after, with locks on the oleos, no bits missing and complete cockpits. As you can see though the paintwork could do with some sprucing up!

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