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Survivor XV411

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FGR.2 XV411 - British Phantom Aviation Group (tail only), Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire

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Phantom FGR.2 XV411 at Cotswold Airport, 5th June 2021; Damien Burke

XV411 served with 2, 14, 19, 56 and 92 Squadrons and ended her life at the DFTDC Manston, being burnt repeatedly and reduced to a mostly gutted and rusty hulk as a result. As she became more and more destroyed, what was left of the nose and wings were cut off for safety reasons and the remaining metal was put up for disposal in 2020.

Acquired by Spey Bay Salvage for scrap, they were kind enough to allow the British Phantom Aviation Group to grab whatever useful spares they could find from the hulk. This included a number of internal components that had escaped fire damage, and the complete fin, which - while in poor condition - is basically intact and will be restored for display at Cotswold Airport (Kemble)!

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