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McDonnell-Douglas/BAC F-4K/M Phantom II - Survivor XV415

FGR.2 XV415 - RAF Boulmer (gate guard), Northumberland

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Phantom FGR.2 XV415 at RAF Boulmer, 16th September 2009; Alan Allen

Standing guard at RAF Boulmer, unfortunately, behind a fence, is XV415.

XV415 served with 23, 29, 31, 56, 92, and 111 Sqns plus 228 OCU, ending it's service career in 1992. During 1993, she was transported to RAF Boulmer, where she was placed on gate guard duties, and remains there to this day. A plaque nearby reads as follows: "Phantom FGR-2 XV415. Entered RAF service in 1969. Last flew in June 1992. Airframe hours total 5050. Take off/landings total 4803." ... plus a list of dates and squadrons.

XV415 seems to be in reasonable condition, with its fin receiving a repaint in May 2022, into 19 Sqn colours, even though this airframe never served with that squadron during its career.

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