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Hawker Sea Hawk - Survivors

The Sea Hawk has survived in impressive numbers, and the aircraft's small size means that nose sections aren't as common as with other types. It's much cheaper to buy and easier to transport than larger airframes, which no doubt explains the difference. Apparently the Indian Navy may have more Sea Hawks in storage - if you know more about the Indian Sea Hawks or have pictures of the surviving examples, please let me know. Click on the serial of a survivor entry for further information. Please comment on any individual survivor entry you feel requires an update!

Complete aircraft

SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
VX272P.1052Fleet Air Arm Museum (stored), RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset11/01/2012
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
WF225F.2HMS Sea Hawk (gate guard), RNAS Culdrose, Helston, Cornwall24/06/2022
WF259F.2National Museum of Flight, East Fortune, East Lothian, Scotland28/06/2022
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
WM913FB.3Newark Air Museum, Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire19/01/2022
'WN105' (really WF299, composite with WN105)FB.3Graham Revill, Birlingham, Worcestershire27/08/2023
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
131 (really WM983, composite with XE489)FB.5Militaire Luchtvaart Museum, Soesterberg, Netherlands17/06/2021
WM961FB.5Caernarfon Air World, Caernarfon Airport, Llandwrog, Gwynedd, Wales11/01/2012
WM969FB.5Imperial War Museum, Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire25/03/2022
WM994FB.5Privately Owned, (stored), Butler, Pennsylvania, USA18/12/2021
WN108FB.5Ulster Aviation Society, Long Kesh, County Antrim06/03/2022
XE489 (composite with WM983)FB.5Gatwick Aviation Museum, Charlwood, Surrey07/08/2023
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
118 (WV828)FGA.6De Kooy NAS (on display within the base), Netherlands25/12/2021
WV795FGA.6Dunsfold Park, Dunsfold Aerodrome, Surrey03/07/2021
WV797FGA.6Midland Air Museum, Coventry Airport, Warwickshire16/05/2022
WV798FGA.6Privately owned, Unknown location05/08/2023
WV826FGA.6Malta Aviation Museum, Ta' Qali, Malta04/08/2021
WV856FGA.6Fleet Air Arm Museum, (stored), RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset08/08/2022
WV865FGA.6Militärhistorische Museum der Bundeswehr, Flugplatz Gatow, Berlin, Germany07/01/2017
WV908FGA.6Fly Navy Heritage Trust (restoration to fly), RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset23/10/2022
WV911FGA.6RNHF (Dumped), RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset02/08/2021
XE327FGA.6Luftfahrtausstellung Museum, Hermeskeil, Germany14/06/2021
XE340FGA.6Fleet Air Arm Museum, RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset14/06/2021
XE368FGA.6Classic British Jets Collection (stored), Leicestershire10/04/2022
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
6667Mk.100BDRT, Nordholz AB, Germany
IN154Mk.100INAS Garuda (dumped), Cochin, Kerala, India
IN172Mk.100Cochin, Kerala, India09/2001
IN174Mk.100RBI (gate guard), Kowdiar, Trivandrum, Kerala, India2003
IN188Mk.100INS Vikrant, Bombay, India12/2001
IN195Mk.100INAS Garuda (dumped), Cochin, Kerala, India
IN231Mk.100INAS Garuda (dumped), Cochin, Kerala, India
IN234Mk.100Naval Aviation Museum, Goa, India12/01/2012
IN235Mk.100Indian Institute of Technology, Adyar, Chennai, India
IN238Mk.100Aeronauticum Nordholz, Germany04/08/2021
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
6686Mk.101Internationales Luftfahrt-Museum, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
6707Mk.101Eggebek AB (displayed), Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
IN240 (ex 6719)Mk.101Vishakapatnam (pole mounted), India01/01/2004
IN244 (ex 6703)Mk.101Naval Armament Depot (gate guard), Marmagoa, Goa, India
IN246 (ex 6716)Mk.101INS Vikrant, Bombay, India12/2001
IN252 (ex 6715)Mk.101Madras Institute of Technology, Chromepet, Chennai, India03/03/2002
UnknownMk.101National Defence Academy (displayed on parade ground), Khadakvasla, Pune, India

Nose/cockpit/other sections

SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
WF145F.1Andrew Hawkins, Newton Abbot, Devon11/01/2012
WF219F.1Fleet Air Arm Museum (tail only, stored), RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset22/06/2022
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
UnknownFGA.4Graham Sparkes, Hooton Park, Ellesmore Port, Cheshire11/01/2012
WV910FGA.4Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, Old Sarum Airfield, Wiltshire14/06/2020
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
WV838FGA.6Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton, Suffolk02/08/2021
WV903FGA.6Steve Austin, Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland02/08/2021
XE339 (Nose) FGA.6Clive Davies, Gloucestershire11/01/2012
XE339 (Fuselage)FGA.6Bill Turnbull, Hooton Park, Ellesmore Port, Cheshire11/01/2012