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Hawker Sea Hawk - Survivor VX272

P.1052 VX272 - Fleet Air Arm Museum (stored), RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset

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P.1052 VX272 at Yeovilton, 25th October 2007; Damien Burke

First survivor in the list isn't actually a Sea Hawk at all - it's a Hawker P.1052, which was a swept-wing development of the Sea Hawk. However it has more in common with the Sea Hawk (the entire fuselage!) than the aircraft it eventually developed into (the Hunter), so that's why it's listed here in the Sea Hawk section. After trials use the aircraft became a maintenance and ground instructional airframe and thankfully survived these duties more or less intact before its value was recognised and the FAA Museum acquired it. Held in storage ever since, hopefully it will in due course be restored and placed on display.

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