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XH673 - RAF Marham (displayed opposite SHQ), Norfolk

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Victor K.2 XH673 at RAF Marham, 5th April 2006; author

RAF Marham was the last home of the Victor force, and when they sadly left service in 1993 one was earmarked for preservation at the station. XH673 now graces the area outside the SHQ, so you need to be inside the station to get a picture (or high above it!). She was repainted in 1999 and has the cockpit glass covered with black panels to protect the cockpit interior - the perspex was apparently fogging over too. Externally at least she was in excellent condition when I last visited in 2000, but rumours abound that her future at the station is looking bleak.

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Paul Marriott from Australia

Postd at 12:10am on Monday, May 2nd, 2011


I am restoring an old (VERY old!!) Canberra here in Australia. Can you please let me in on your process for removing fogging as I have 2 canopies - both VERY fogged - and little chance of finding a good third.


James Stewart from Northants

Postd at 8:00pm on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

You mentioned about the cockpit becoming foggy (UV Damage)this is commen to all perspex and lexen.
The indestry tell us it is imposable to remove the UV Damage.
I have perfected a prosses to remove the fogging.

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