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"...and everywhere the
blue sky belongs to them
and is their appointed rest
and their native country"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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285 fatal incidents found.

13/08/1912Robert Fenwick, TPMersey PusherLarkhillView details
23/02/1914E.T. Haynes, Technical ObsRoyal Aircraft Factory B.E.2Chichester Harbour, SussexView details
11/1914R.P. Alston, senior designer, SopwithSopwith 807 Folder Seaplanenot knownView details
05/11/1914E.T. Busk, PRoyal Aircraft Factory B.E.2cFarnborough, HampshireView details
12/07/1915Mr H.D. Lileynot known Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough, HampshireView details
21/02/1916Wg Cdr N.F. Usborne; Sqn Cdr de C.W.P. IrelandAPI CombinationRNAS Kingsnorth, KentView details
07/09/1916Mr A.F. Lashmar; Mr R.O. LashmarWight converted Seaplane 9841not knownView details
12/09/1916Mr G.L. Railton; Mr F. WilliamsRoyal Aircraft Factory R.E.7 2199not knownView details
21/09/1916Lt W.H.S. GarnettAvro 521 7520Gosport, HampshireView details
20/10/1916Flt Lt L.H. HardstaffSopwith Triplane N510Eastchurch, KentView details
28/01/1917Major F.W. GooddenRoyal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 A4562Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough, HampshireView details
21/03/1917Lt M.R.H.A. AllenBristol Scout 5556Testing Squadron, Upavon, WiltshireView details
12/05/1917Mr W.R. Ding, Blackburn PRoyal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c 9952Soldiers Field, Roundhay, LeedsView details
07/08/1917Sqn Cdr E.H. Dunning Sopwith Pup N6452English Channel, overboard from flight deck of HMS FuriousView details
25/08/1917Mr H. BarnwellVickers F.B.26Joyce Green, Dartford, KentView details
29/12/1917Lt G.E. CushingSopwith Camel B3888not knownView details
31/12/19172nd Lt P.W. WilcoxRoyal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 A3432not knownView details
19/01/1918Cpt E.H.G. SharplesRoyal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a C5341not knownView details
05/02/1918Cpt L.M. Barlow MC**Sopwith Dolphin C3779not knownView details
16/03/1918Cpt K.K. Muspratt MC; Flt Sgt S. Ashby MMAirco D.H.9A C6350not knownView details
14/04/1918Lt B.M.H. Jones; Air Mechanic 1 H.H. PalmerBristol F.2B B1308not knownView details
06/05/1918Lt F.M.C. HoughtonSopwith Camel B6303not knownView details
08/05/1918Lt L.F.D. Lutyens; Mr D.H. PinsentAirco D.H.4 A7671not knownView details
08/06/1918Cpt V.E.G. Busby (Martlesham Heath TP); Mr Bertram G. Cooper (Air Ministry); Mr R.P. Cooper (Harland and Wolff); Mr W.H. Hathaway (Handley Page); Mr J.W. Windebank (Handley Page)Handley Page V/1500 B9463Golders Green, LondonView details
08/06/1918Lt S.H.A. D'Arcy DSOBAT Bantam IInot knownView details
19/08/1918Capt O. Horsely; Capt H.A. RenwickRoyal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 A4205Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, HampshireView details
09/09/1918Lt A.V. LewisGrain Griffin N102not knownView details
11/09/1918Lt G.S. WilkinVickers Vimy B9954Martlesham HeathView details
10/11/1918Lt O.B.W. WillsBristol F.2B D8030not knownView details
03/05/1919Flt Cdr P. Legh, BAT TPBAT Basilisk F2906Hendon, MiddlesexView details
14/08/1921Flt Lt O.M. Sutton MC, A&AEE TP; AC2 Charles James Sheridan, ObsBristol Braemar C4297Martlesham HeathView details
24/08/1921Air Cdre E.M. Maitland CMG DSO AFC; Flt Lt G.M. Thomas DFC; Flt Lt I.C. Little AFC; Flt Lt R.S. Montagu DSC; Flt Lt J.F.M. Pritchard OBE AFC; Fg Off T.F. Mathewson AFC; Fg Off V.H. Wicks; Flt Sgt S.J. Heath; Flt Sgt W.H. Greene; Flt Sgt H. Thompson; Flt Sgt F. Smith; Flt Sgt J. Rye; Flt Sgt A.T. Martin; Sgt J.W. Mason; Sgt F.E. Burton; LAC G.S. Anger; LAC W. Oliver; LAC J.N. Wilson; AC1 J.C. Drew; AC1 C.W. Donald; AC1 E.E. Steere AM; AC1 C.W. Penson; AC2 R. Parker; AC2 R. Withington; Mr J.R. Pannnell, National Physical Laboratory; Mr C.W. Duffield, , National Physical Laboratory; Mr C.J.R. Campbell, Royal Airship Works; Mr F. Warren, Royal Airship WorksAirship R.38River Humber Estuary, Near Hull, YorkshireView details
30/11/1923Flg Off E. Bird, TP; Cpl G.R. Budd, ObsShort Springbok Mk I J6975Martlesham HeathView details
05/07/1924Flg Off E.E. Paull Smith, MAEE TPSupermarine Sea Lion Mk III GEBAHSea off FelixstoweView details
19/08/1926Flt Lt H.R. Junor DFC, RAE TPGloster Gamecock J7906Hucclecote, GloucestershireView details
08/12/1926Flt Lt G. Wheatley, A&AEE TPGloster Gamecock J7891Martlesham HeathView details
23/01/1928Fg Off H.C.G. Dauncey, A&AEE TPBlackburn Turcock GEBYPMartlesham HeathView details
12/03/1928Flt Lt S.M. Kinkead, RAF High Speed Flight PSupermarine S.5 N221Solent off CalshotView details
16/05/1928E.R.C. Scholefield, Vickers Chief TPVickers Vanguard G-EBCPSheppertonView details
19/04/1937AC G.P. Smurthwaite, ObsVickers Wellington prototype K4049Waldringfield, SuffolkView details
22/07/1937Flt Lt E.W. SimmondsMiles Magister L5912Sea off SuffolkView details
28/06/1938Wg Cdr F.W. Stent, TPMiles Whitney Straight M.11C G-AEYIHarefield, BerkshireView details
06/09/1938John Hindmarsh, Hawker TPHawker Hurricane Mk I L1652St George's Hill, Weybridge, SurreyView details
23/08/1939Flt Sgt C.E. Higgins P, LAC R.J. Machin, AC D. TreadwellBristol Bombay L5808Martlesham HeathView details
04/09/1939Flt Lt Gilbert S. White (RAE TP)Spitfire prototype K5054Farnborough, HampshireView details
05/03/1940Fg Off B.R. Rolfe, Blackburn TP; Mr J.B.E. Johnson, Blackburn FTOBlackburn Botha L6129Flixborough, LincsView details
06/03/1940Mr Edward F. Godfray (Air Service Training TP), Mr David V. Edward (Armstong-Whitworth FTO), Mr Edgar Stroud? (DH Propeller Co FTO)Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk II K7243Baginton, CoventryView details
07/04/1940Flt Lt H. Bailey, Blackburn CTP; Mr ?, Blackburn FTOBlackburn B-20 V8914Sea off Gourock Head, Isle of ButeView details
21/05/1940?, TPBristol Beaufort Mk I L4442not knownView details
26/05/1940?, TPBlackburn Botha L6377Abbotsinch, StrathclydeView details
12/06/1940?, TPBlackburn Botha L6390Abbotsinch, StrathclydeView details
12/06/1940Mr C.A. Washer, Bristol TPBristol Beaufort Mk I L4443South Hinksey, BerkshireView details
08/07/1940?Blackburn Botha Mk I L6205not knownView details
01/08/1940Plt Off A. Bailey, TP; AC2 Budd, PhotographerVickers Vildebeest K6408Solent off Ryde Pier, IoWView details
28/08/1940Mr E.G.H. Russell-Stacey, Hawker TPHawker Hurricane Mk II Z2340Brooklands, SurreyView details
05/09/1940Fg Off K. Munro, P; Flt Lt E.J. Always, P; Sgt C.J. Hames, WOp/AG; Sgt F.W.K. Wood, ObsAvro Anson R9815Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
17/09/1940Sgt T. Budden, P; Capt P.J. Fulton; Lt R.A. JefferiesBristol Blenheim Mk IV P4830Longford Castle (Salisbury), WiltshireView details
01/10/1940Mr R.O. Tipple, RAE Farnborough FTOFairey Battle Mk I K9223Wembdon Hill, Bridgewater, SomersetView details
21/10/1940Flt Lt J.C. Alexander, MAEE TP; Plt Off Mills, MAEE TP; LAC Gianella; LAC McLaughlin; AC1 Bullocke; AC2 Hunter; Mr Such, MAEESaunders-Roe Lerwick L7248 Faslane, ArgyllView details
22/10/1940Mr E.L. Oakley, Photographer; Mr J.W. Parsons, PhotographerHandley Page Hampden Mk I P4354Bower Chalke, Salisbury, WiltshireView details
16/11/1940Plt Off G.E. Stansbury, TPBristol Blenheim Mk IV L4893Filton, BristolView details
04/12/1940Mr J.W. Hathorne, Gloster TPHawker Hurricane Mk I N2497Robins Wood Hill, Brockworth, GloucestershireView details
21/02/1941Fg Off L.G.H. Kells, TPHawker Hurricane Mk II Z2398UnknownView details
01/03/1941Sqn Ldr J.E. Dutton AFC, TPCurtiss Mohawk Mk II BK877Hanging Langford, WiltshireView details
28/04/1941Plt Off A.C. JamesFairey Battle Mk I K9230Sea off Hengistbury HeadView details
26/05/1941Mr R. Kirlew, Rolls-Royce TPAvro Manchester Mk I L7295RAF Tern Hill, SalopView details
14/06/1941Flt Lt E.J. Sharp, Bristol TPBristol Beaufort Mk I AW215Shepperdine, GloucestershireView details
22/06/1941Flt Lt J.C.M. Hawley, P; Capt F. Bradley, P (USAAC); Sgt P. Black, Obs; Sgt J.G. Garwood, WOp; Sgt T.J. Wells, AG; Sqn Ldr A.H. Robson, MO; Flt Lt J.B.W. Humpherson DFC, RAF Physiology Lab; Lt W.K. Stewart AFC, Doctor RAF Physiology LabBoeing Flying Fortress Mk I AN522Catterick Bridge, YorkshireView details
03/07/1941Flt Lt S.A. Ellaby, RAE High Altitude Test Flight TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk II P8273Over Wallop, HampshireView details
17/07/1941Flt Lt D.L. Rayment AFC, P; Sgt R. Sadler, WOp/AGBristol Blenheim Mk IV P4832UnknownView details
21/07/1941Mr D.R. McCartney, Rolls-Royce TPHawker Hurricane Mk II Z2316RAF Tern Hill, SalopView details
20/09/1941Sgt F.I. Russell, WOp/AGWestland Lysander Mk III T1439English Channel, 12 miles south of ChristchurchView details
29/11/1941Flt Lt A.M. Dunlop, PBristol Blenheim Mk IV L9405Chesil Bank, DorsetView details
19/12/1941Sgt J.V. Rutter, P; Lt D.N. Timms, Obs (both Airborne Forces Establishment); Volunteers – Sgt H. Harrison; Pte H.E. Hornby; Pte L.W. Felton; Pte M. Pilkington; Pte G.M. Keogh – all of the Border Regiment, part of the First Air Landing BrigadeGeneral Aircraft Hotspur Mk II BT488Near Ringway, ManchesterView details
07/01/1942Fg Off H.E.C. Elliott, P; AC1 StC.R.J. Andrews – both of Aerial Torpedo Development UnitBristol Beaufort Mk IIA Gosport, HampshireView details
04/02/1942Sqn Ldr G.R. Fielder, RAE Engine Research Flight TPCurtiss Mohawk Mk IVFarnborough, HampshireView details
11/02/1942Wg Cdr W.S. Jenkins, A&AEE TPBell Airacobra Mk I Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
28/02/1942Plt Off J.C. Fisher RCAF, P; Plt Off T.W. Caxton RCAF, P; Flt Sgt D.L. MullinsArmstrong-Whitworth Albemarle Mk I P1368Shalbourne, WiltshireView details
24/03/1942Wg Cdr J.M. McGuire AFC and Bar, OC Performance Test Squadron A&AEEConsolidated Liberator Mk II AL546Lytchett Minster, DorsetView details
14/04/1942Wg Cdr P.S. Salter, OC Handling Flight; Sqn Ldr J.D. Harris DFC; Flt Lt N.G. Wilson; Fg Off E.F. Wakelin; Sgt K.J. JonesAvro Lancaster Mk I R5539Charlton, MalmesburyView details
24/04/1942Lt J. Wakefield RNVR, Supermarine Production TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk IV BR413Aldermaston, BerkshireView details
06/05/1942AC2 Frank Edmond BartlettMiles Master Mk I T8852Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
19/05/1942Mr A. Smith, Rootes Trainee EngineerHandley Page Halifax Mk II DG223Mold, FlintshireView details
07/06/1942Plt Off D.J.D. Berrington, P; Fg Off A.M. Phillips, P; Flt Sgt G. Millar, Nav; AC2 B.C.F. Bicknell, WOp/AG; LAC B.D.G. Dear, Flt Eng; Sqn Ldr R.J. Samsom, Bomber Command; Plt Off C.E. Vincent, H₂S Development Flight; Mr A.D. Blumlein, EMI; Mr F. Blyton, EMI; Mr C.O. Brown, EMI; Mr G.S. Hensby, FTOHandley Page Halifax Mk II V9977Welsh Bicknor, HerefordsView details
16/06/1942Fg Off M.O. Davenport, TDU TP; Wg Cdr Shaw, CO TDUBristol Beaufighter Mk VIC X8065Alverstoke, HampshireView details
18/06/1942Fg Off C.R. Jarred, Supermarine TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk IV BR643Lurgashall, SussexView details
26/06/1942Mr C.S. Staniland, Fairey Aviation CTPFairey Firefly Mk I Z1827Wokingham, BerkshireView details
01/07/1942Wg Cdr A.F.R. Bennett, RAE Farnborough Inst and Armament Dev Flight TPHawker Hurricane Mk IIC Z2415Sutton Bridge, LincsView details
12/07/1942Sqn Ldr C.L.F. Colmore, High Alt Flight A&AEE TP; Plt Off K. Radford, AG; Sgt A.J. Smith, Obs; Sgt R.P. Gillott, WOp/AG; Mr C.V. Abbott, FTOVickers Wellington Mk VI W5795Stanley, DerbyshireView details
17/07/1942LAC ?Supermarine Walrus Mk I L2179Sea off HelensburghView details
23/07/1942Mr R.H. Carew, 1 CRU TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk V AA874Cumnor, OxfordshireView details
06/08/1942Flt Sgt E.G. Travis, AFEE TPGeneral Aircraft Hotspur Mk II BT546Allerton Park, YorkshireView details
11/08/1942Mr K.G. Seth-Smith, Hawker Aircraft TPHawker Typhoon Mk I B R7692 Thorpe, SurreyView details
16/08/1942Flt Lt E. Brown, Defford Telecommunications Flying Unit P; Fg Off D.T. Sellick DFC, P; Fg Off G.F. Sellick, AG; Fg Off A.J. Marsh, Radio Location Op; LAC H.D. McCallum; AC2 R.F. Umery (two crews, 1 to fly second aircraft from Boscombe on trials)Avro Anson Mk I DJ184Ampney Crucis, Cirencester, GloucestershireView details
26/08/1942Sqn Ldr W.J. Carr AFC, P; Cpl R.M. Leach, Fitter; Cpl E. Shenton, AG; Mr E.R. Staniland, Vickers FTOVickers Warwick Mk I BV214Shrewton, WiltshireView details
12/09/1942Capt H. Valentine Baker MC AFCMartin-Baker MB-3 R2492Wing, BuckinghamshireView details
24/09/1942Sqn Ldr V.M. Bright, Armament Test Sqn A&AEE TP; LAC R.F. Brown, ArmourerBristol Beaufighter Mk VIC EL329/GBulford Camp, WiltshireView details
07/10/1942Plt Off N.H.G. Snelgrove RCAF, TFU Defford PHawker Hurricane Mk IIC BN878Bredon Hill, Conderton, WorcestershireView details
21/10/1942Plt Off Paul Nelson Dobie (RAFVR P)Hawker Typhoon Mk IB R7861Probably Druridge Bay, NorthumberlandView details
21/10/1942Mr. Phillip Edward Gerald Sayer OBE (Gloster Aircraft CTP)Hawker Typhoon Mk IB R7867 Probably Druridge Bay, NorthumberlandView details
23/10/1942Flt Lt L.V. Sanders DFC, Vickers-Armstrongs TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk VB ER713Cannock, StaffordshireView details
23/10/1942Wg Cdr H.R. Allen, Ministry of Aircraft Production TPHawker Hurricane Mk IIB Z4993/GUpway, Dorchester, DorsetView details
31/10/1942Mr D.H.M. Horner, RAE FTOGeneral Aircraft Hotspur Mk II B821Hartford Bridge, HampshireView details
06/11/1942Mr V.G. Wilson, Fairey Aviation TPFairey Barracuda Mk I P9661Ringway, ManchesterView details
13/12/1942Fg Off T.L. French, P; WO A. McFadyen, WOp; Flt Sgt J.R. Harper, Radar Op; Flt Sgt C. McGregor, WOp/AG; Lt S. Kaulis, US Army Signal Corps, TFU DeffordVickers Wellington Mk III X3707Craiglockhart View, EdinburghView details
23/12/1942Flt Lt G.L. Campbell DFC, Performance Test Squadron A&AEE TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk IX BS139Mottisfont, HampshireView details
23/12/1942Sqn Ldr H.H.B. Mould, P; Dr A.E. Downing, TFU Defford FTOBristol Beaufighter Mk VI V8387Sea east of CromerView details
29/12/1942Fg Off S.T. Hollick, Rolls-Royce TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk IX EN114Rearsby, LeicestershireView details
04/02/1943Flt Lt S.F. Reiss, Performance Test Sqn A&AEE TP; Sgt J. Fielding, Flt Eng; Mr J.J. Unwin MBE, FTOHandley Page Halifax Mk II W7917Sutton Scotney, HampshireView details
14/02/1943Mr C.B. Critchley, de Havilland TPde Havilland Mosquito Mk VI HJ664Colney Heath, HertfordshireView details
30/03/1943Sqn Ldr R.V. Whitehead DFC, RAE Photo TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk PR Mk IV Benson, OxfordshireView details
17/05/1943Fg Off K.R. Russell, Ministry of Aircraft Production TPPercival Proctor Mk I P5998Eaton Bray, BedfordshireView details
03/06/1943?, Bristol Aeroplane Co TPBristol Beaufort Mk I JM551Stone, GloucestershireView details
16/07/1943Plt Off Allan John Slaughter RAAF (pilot), Sqn Ldr James Anthony Meade DFCLockheed Hudson Mk VI FK571Ashton Under Hill, WorcestershireView details
29/07/1943Fg Off Rouff, Vickers TP; Mr E. Booth, Aircraft InspectorVickers Wellington Mk X HE819Cranage, CheshireView details
23/08/1943Mr J. de Havilland, TP; Mr J.H.F. Scrope, Technical Assistant; Mr G.V. Gibbens, TP; Mr G.J. Carter, Flight Shed Foremande Havilland Mosquito Mk VI HJ734 and HX897St Albans, HertfordshireView details
26/08/1943Mr B. Field, Miles Aircraft TPMiles Master Mk II DM239Hurley, Maidenhead, BerkshireView details
06/09/1943Fg Off A. Wilson, Armstrong Whitworth TP; Mr F. Cole; Mr B. Latham; Mr R. SandsArmstrong Whitworth Albemarle Mk II V1708Brockworth, GloucestershireView details
10/09/1943Flt Lt F.J. Robinson, Performance Test Squadron A&AEE TP; Flt Sgt J.W. Bamber, Flight Engineer; Mr R. Stevenson, FTOAvro Lancaster Mk III JA894High Post, WiltshireView details
13/10/1943Mr J.P.W. Topham, Lockheed Speke TPNorth American Mustang Mk III FX919Speke, LiverpoolView details
15/10/1943Mr D.A. Terrill, Blackburn Aircraft TPFairey Barracuda Mk II BV825Scunthorpe, LincsView details
17/10/1943Wg Cdr A.S.B. Blomfield DFC, P; Cpl G.R. Stevensonde Havilland Mosquito Mk IV DZ345Overbury, WorcestershireView details
21/10/1943Fg Off N.G. Donald, Armstrong Whitworth TP; Mr T. Timms; two ATC cadets on air experience also lost their lives (J.F.S. Cheriton and L.W. White)Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle Mk II V1741Purton, GloucestershireView details
03/11/1943Miss D. Robson BSc, RAE Farnborough bombsight technician. NOTE: all six members of the Halifax's operational crew also lost their lives. They were members of 76 SquadronHandley Page Halifax Mk V LK681Enthorpe House, Market Weighton, YorkshireView details
24/11/1943Sgt B.R. MinsonConsolidated B-24D Liberator 42-40987In flight (aircraft returned safely)View details
04/01/1944Sqn Ldr W.D.B.S. Davie AFC, RAE Turbine Flight TPGloster F.9/40 DG204/GFarnborough, HampshireView details
14/01/1944Lt K.J. Robinson DSC RN, Aero Flight RAE TPSupermarine Seafire Mk IIC MB141Clyde EstuaryView details
18/01/1944Fg Off B. Coombis, P; Fg Off A.G.A. Overall, Nav; LAC E.T. Pottinger, Bombing Trials Unit WOpHandley Page Hampden Mk I P1216not knownView details
20/01/1944Mr P.E. Raw, Hawker TPHawker Tempest Mk V JN747not knownView details
01/03/1944Wg Cdr P.F. Webster DSO DFC & Bar, Performance Test Squadron A&AEE TPFairey Firefly Mk I Z1839 Goodworth, Clatford, HampshireView details
15/03/1944Mr H.G. White, MAEE Helensburgh FTOShort Scion Senior L9786Helensburgh, ArgyllView details
18/03/1944Mr. Raymond R. Huxley (Fairey TP) and Mr. Geoffrey A. Leadbeater (Fairey flight engineer)Handley-Page Halifax B Mk III LK836Oakmere near Northwich, CheshireView details
24/03/1944Fg Off D. Grundy, Special Duties Flight A&AEE TPHawker Typhoon Mk IB JR448Grateley, HampshireView details
26/03/1944Sqn Ldr H.N. Fowler MC, Armament Test Squadron A&AEE TPHawker Typhoon Mk IB JR307Crichel Down, WiltshireView details
25/04/1944Fg Off J.H. Silvester, TFU Defford NavBristol Beaufighter Mk VI EL167 Wolverton, SalopView details
27/04/1944Mr J.A. Crosby-Warren, Gloster Aircraft TPGloster F.9/40 DG205/GMinchinhampton, GloucestershireView details
15/05/1944Mr A.L. Wykes, TP (company founder)Auster Mk IV MT454 Rearsby, LeicestershireView details
22/05/1944Flt Sgt E.L. Bunce, P; Mr J. Hall, RAE Farnborough Instrument & Armament Development Flight FTOHandley Page Halifax Mk II BB319Newton Tony, WiltshireView details
04/07/1944Flt Lt Norman John Bonnar AFC (Test Pilots School TP) and Flt Lt Laurence Roy Brady RAAF (TPS student)Vickers Wellington Mk III X3549Chilmark, WiltshireView details
04/07/1944Flt Lt Alexander Williams Fraser DFC with bar RAAF (RAE Wireless & Electrical Flight TP), WO S. Bickell, Sgt Keith Lawrence Popejoy, AC1 S. Parsons, Mr David William Parker (FTO), Mr Russell Arcot Erskine (FTO), Mr K. Dart (FTO)Vickers Wellington GR Mk 14 HF352 Odiham, HampshireView details
29/07/1944Mr J. Hall, Rotol TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk IX JL349Staverton, GloucestershireView details
08/08/1944Mr P.F. Ainsbury, A&AEE FTOMiles Monitor Mk I NF900Wokingham, BerkshireView details
09/08/1944Flt Lt H.J. Camps, A&AEE High Altitude Flight TP; Flt Lt T.G. Thomas, A&AEE High Altitude Flight TPde Havilland Mosquito B Mk 20 KB209Blandford, DorsetView details
24/08/1944Sqn Ldr J.E. Pettigrew, OC Gun Proofing Flt A&AEE TPHawker Hurricane Mk IIC HW187Downton, WiltshireView details
11/09/1944Mr S. Gleave, TP; Mr H. Barnes, Avro AircraftAvro Lancaster Mk III PB579Alderley Edge, LancashireView details
13/09/1944Mr F.C. Furlong, Supermarine Deputy CTPSupermarine Spiteful NN660High Post, WiltshireView details
11/10/1944Flt Lt J.H. Brew, Supermarine TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk IX RR237Nuneaton AirfieldView details
31/10/1944Plt Off J.G. Swain, Flight Engineer; LAC W. Griffiths, Aircraft FitterArmstrong Whitworth Albemarle ST Mk V V1762Sherburn-in-Elmet, YorkshireView details
16/12/1944Sqn Ldr R.M. Mace RCAF, Armstrong Whitworth TP; Mr Morgan, Armstrong Whitworth Flight EngineerAvro Lancaster Mk I NG435Long Marston, WarwicksView details
06/01/1945Sqn Ldr M.V. Longbottom, Vickers TPVickers Warwick GR Mk V PN778Haines Bridge, Walton-on-Thames, SurreyView details
19/01/1945Gp Capt J.F.X. McKenna AFC, Commandant ETPSNorth American Mustang Mk IV KH648Old Sarum, WiltshireView details
10/02/1945Mr W.G. Capley, Miles Aircraft TPSupermarine Spitfire Mk IX MH349Woodley, BerkshireView details
27/02/1945Flt Lt M.J.M. Slater, P; Sgt G.W. Dixon, RAE Aero Flightde Havilland Mosquito FB Mk VI RS598Farnborough, HampshireView details
16/03/1945Sqn Ldr J.R. Tobin AFC, RAE Farnborough TP on loan to BlackburnBlackburn Firebrand TF Mk III DK386Brough, YorkshireView details
12/04/1945Flt Lt J.R. Smith, A&AEE P; Mr M.G. Douglas, Ministry of Aircraft Production Technical Officerde Havilland Mosquito PR Mk 32 NS586Weston Zoyland, SomersetView details
30/05/1945Flt Lt W.G. Eagle DFC, de Havilland Propellers TPHawker Typhoon Mk IB SW519Stubby Copse, Brockenhurst, HampshireView details
09/06/1945Fg Off D.M. Eastman RCAF, No 83 Group Support UnitSupermarine Spitfire F Mk XIV NH840Lymington, HampshireView details
19/07/1945Major E.W. Leach, Student No 3 Course ETPSAirspeed Oxford T Mk I NM247Haven Street, IoWView details
21/07/1945Sqn Ldr A.O. Moffett AFC, CRD Power Jets CTPGloster Meteor Mk III EE291Halls Farm, Blaby, LeicestershireView details
25/07/1945Sqn Ldr L. Gregory, Armament Test Squadron A&AEE TPHawker Tempest Mk V NV946Enford Range, WiltshireView details
23/08/1945Mr H. Becker, Aero Flight RAE Farnborough FTOde Havilland Mosquito FB Mk VI RF830Wanborough Park, nr Guildford, SurreyView details
31/08/1945Flt Lt F.S. Banner DFC & Bar, Supermarine production TPSupermarine Seafire F Mk XVII SW987 High Post, WiltshireView details
31/08/1945Sub-Lt K.W.A. Fehler RN; Lt L.R.J. Habgood RN, pilots C Squadron A&AEEMiles Monitor TT Mk II NP409Sea off Yarmouth, Isle of WightView details
12/09/1945Sqn Ldr J.C.S. Turner, RAE Farnborough TPde Havilland Vampire F Mk I TG279RAF Greenham Common, BerkshireView details
11/10/1945Cpl S.S. Dicks, Armament Test ObserverFairey Swordfish Mk III NF333 SolentView details
13/10/1945Flt Lt J.G. Seth-Smith, Fairey Aviation TPFairey Firefly Mk I PP417Barnes, MiddlesexView details
15/10/1945Flt Lt Daniel Joseph Cotter (pilot), Flt Sgt Arthur Edward Bedwell (navigator), WO Edward Moore (meteorological air observer)Airspeed Oxford Mk I PH480Cardigan BayView details
17/10/1945Flt Lt A.S. Carswell, MAEE Helensburgh P; WO Sparkes; Mr C. Bound, FTOVickers Wellington Mk X NA929Brodick Bay, Isle of ArranView details
25/10/1945Sqn Ldr A. Jaques DFC, P; Flt Lt Savin, Observer MAEE Helensburghde Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV DZ579/GMachin Bay, IslayView details
09/11/1945Flt Lt R.A. Marks AFM, Aero Flight RAE Farnborough TPHeinkel 162A-2 AM61Aldershot, HampshireView details
27/11/1945Flt Lt J.C. Evans, Fairey Aviation PTPFairey Firefly Mk I PP463Hythe End, Staines, SurreyView details
02/12/1945J.R. Talbot, Handley Page CTP; E.A. Wright, FTOHandley Page Hermes Mk I G-AGSSRadlett, HertfordshireView details
06/12/1945Lt R.K. Smith RN, P; Flt Lt R.M. Neill, bomb aimer, both MAEE HelensburghDouglas Boston Mk IIIA BZ332Firth of ClydeView details
18/01/1946Gp Cpt A.F. Hards DSO, OC Experimental Flying, P, RAE FarnboroughDornier 335A-12 AM223Cove, HampshireView details
18/02/1946Flt Lt Philmore DFC, Rotol TP, StavertonSupermarine Spitfire F Mk 21 LA216Barnstaple, DevonView details
09/05/1946Mr Llewellyn Moss, Gloster, CPTP Moreton ValenceGloster Meteor F4 EE518RAF Defford, WorcestershireView details
25/05/1946Sqn Ldr E.B. Gale AFC RCAF, Aero Flight RAE Farnborough TPNorth American Mustang Mk III KH505Broxbourne, HertfordshireView details
02/07/1946Sqn Ldr A.R. Majcherczyk DFC, A Squadron A&AEE TPGloster Meteor III EE312Porton Range, WiltshireView details
27/09/1946Geoffrey R. de Havilland OBE, de Havilland Aircraft CTPde Havilland D.H.108 TG306Egypt Bay, Thames Estuary off Kent coastView details
22/04/1947Lt J. Bridge RN, Gloster Aircraft PTPGloster Meteor F Mk 4 RA394Moreton Valence, GloucestershireView details
23/08/1947S.A. Thorn, Avro CTP; Roy Chadwick, Avro chief designer; D. Wilson, Avro chief of flight test; J. Webster, radio operatorAvro Tudor Mk 2 G-AGSUWoodford, CheshireView details
15/10/1947Sqn Ldr P.J. Garner, Westland ACTPWestland Wyvern TS371Cattistock, Cerne Abbas, DorsetView details
21/10/1947Fg Off W.A. Harvey, MAEE Felixstowe P; LAC D.R. Wright; AC A.R. Gurdin; LAC J.J. RyanShort Sunderland Mk V DV976Off Southend, EssexView details
12/02/1948Sqn Ldr R.S. Kronfeld AFC, General Aircraft CTPGeneral Aircraft GAL. 56/01 TS507Lower Froyle, Alton, HampshireView details
28/05/1948Flt Lt B. Bastable DFC, A&AEE TP; Miss B.R. Edmunds FTOMiles Marathon G-AGPDAmesbury, WiltshireView details
22/06/1948Lt-Cdr T.J.A. King Joyce RN, C Squadron A&AEE TPSupermarine Attacker TS413Durrington, Amesbury, WiltshireView details
02/07/1948Sqn Ldr A. Tooth DFC, B  Squadron A&AEE TP; Flt Lt A.G, Bradfield; Fg Off G.W. Williams; Mr P.W. Howes, FTOAvro Lincoln B Mk II RF560Wylye, WiltshireView details
30/08/1948Sqn Ldr C.L.T Sawle AFCGloster Meteor F Mk 4 EE568Old Windsor, BerkshireView details
14/09/1948Sqn Ldr R.W. Whittome OBE DFC, Aero Flight RAE Farnborough TPSupermarine Spitfire HFIX NH236Woking, SurreyView details
14/10/1948Sqn Ldr D.D. Weightman DFC, ARB CTPBristol Brigand B Mk 1 RH824Northwick, Pilning, GloucestershireView details
03/02/1949Mr R. Lindsay Neale, Boulton Paul CTP; Mr K.P.H. Tisshaw, Boulton Paul TPBoulton Paul Balliol T Mk 2 VW897Coven, StaffordshireView details
05/03/1949Gp Cpt T.B. Cooper OBE DFC, A&AEE Superintendent of FlyingGloster Meteor F Mk 4 RA382Figsbury Ring, WiltshireView details
17/04/1949Mr H. Foster Dixon, Fairey Rotary division CTP; Mr D. Garroway, FTOFairey Gyrodyne VX591Ufton Nervet, BerkshireView details
06/05/1949Mr J.A.C. Northway, TP; Mr J.M. Radcliffe, head of flight development; Mr R.M. Pollard, FTO engines; Mr E.J.N. Archbold, FTO; Mr R.H. Daniels, FTO; Mr C.W.E. Flook, FTO; Mr J.L. Gundry, FTOBristol 170 Mark 21 G-AIFFEnglish Channel 30 miles south of Portland BillView details
09/06/1949Lt R.G. Shove, RMHawker Sea Fury FB Mk 11 VX618Langley, BuckinghamshireView details
13/07/1949Mr R. Dryland DFC, Moreton Valence acting CTPGloster Meteor FR Mk 5 VT347Moreton Valence, GloucestershireView details
26/09/1949Sqn Ldr P.G. Evans DFC, B Squadron A&AEE TP; Flt Lt I.P. Bishop DFC; Fg Off R. HodgeHandley Page Hastings C Mk 1 TG499Beacon Hill, WiltshireView details
30/09/1949Sqn Ldr S.E. Esler DFC, Avro deputy CTPAvro 707A VX784 Blackbushe, HampshireView details
31/10/1949Sqn Ldr M.A. Graves DFC, Westland TPWestland Wyvern Mk 2 VP113Yeovil, SomersetView details
04/11/1949Mr A. Sutcliffe, Napier Engines TPHawker Tempest F Mk 6 NX235Luton, BedfordshireView details
15/02/1950Sdn Ldr J.S.R. Muller Rowland DSO DFC, OC Aero Flight RAEde Havilland D.H.108 VW120Brickhill, Bletchley, BuckinghamshireView details
16/02/1950Mr K.A. Butler, Westland TPSupermarine Spitfire F Mk 22 PK545Ashington, SomersetView details
21/03/1950Mr Barraclough, Bristol Aeroplane Company TP; A. Bolton, radio officer; E.C. Brunt, engineer; F.C.T. Pullen, electricianBristol 170 Freighter G-AIHHCowbridge, GlamorganView details
13/04/1950Sqn Ldr C.W. Stark AFCde Havilland Vampire F Mk 1 TG388Shamley Green, SurreyView details
01/05/1950Sqn Ldr G.E.C. Genders AFC DFMde Havilland D.H.108 TG283Hartley Wintney, HampshireView details
13/06/1950Sdn Ldr H.A. Marsh AFC, Cierva CTP; Sqn Ldr F.J. Cable AFC, AFEE Beaulieu CTP (rotary wing); Mr H.J. Unsworth, Cierva FTOCierva Air Horse VZ724West End, HampshireView details
18/09/1950Lt W.N. Plews RN; Flt Lt R.F. Smail, flight engineerAvro Lincoln B Mk 3 RF534 Winchester, HampshireView details
09/10/1950Flt Lt E.B. Churchill, Air Torpedo Development Unit TPFairey Swordfish Mk 3 NR933Woolf Rock, off Lands End, CornwallView details
21/12/1950Flt Lt D.J.M. Macdonald, TFU DeffordGlostser Meteor F Mk 4 VT342Bransford House Farm, WorcesterView details
05/02/1951Sqn Ldr P.G. Robarts, Supermarine PTPSupermarine Attacker F Mk 1 WA477Marlborough, WiltshireView details
02/04/1951Sqn Ldr T.S. Wade DFC AFC, Hawker CTPHawker P.1081 VX279Ringmer, SussexView details
08/06/1951Lt-Cdr (E) D.K. HansonWestland Wyvern TF Mk 2 VW869Seven Barrows, WiltshireView details
13/06/1951R.H.B. Peach, Rolls-Royce TPEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 1 VN850 Bulwell Common, NottsView details
27/06/1951Flying officer J.R. Corke, P, Armament & Instrument Experimental Unit; Sgt J.E.A. Walsh, navigatorAvro Athena T Mk 2 VR569Wilby, SuffolkView details
12/07/1951Flt Lt R.B. Connell DFCHawker Sea Fury Mk X TF897Tangmere, SussexView details
26/08/1951Flt Lt D.J.P. Broomfield DFM, Handley Page TPHandley Page H.P.88 VX330Stansted, EssexView details
12/01/1952Sqn Ldr B.H.D. Foster DSO DFC and bar (co-pilot and RAF liaison officer)Vickers Valiant (prototype) WB210Bramsgore near Christchurch, HampshireView details
05/02/1952Lt Cdr R.M. Orr Ewing, C Squadron A&AEE TPSupermarine Attacker F Mk 1 WA485Leckford, HampshireView details
25/03/1952Mr T.B.D. Evans, English Electric TPEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WD991West of Preston, LancashireView details
30/04/1952Sqn Ldr R. Bradwell DFC, OC wireless and electrical flight RAE Farnborough TP; Flt Lt A. Millar DFCEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WD960Llandow, GlamorganView details
12/06/1952Flt Lt I.K. Johnston, D Squadron A&AEE P; Mr R.J. Whatley, photographerNorth American Harvard T Mk 2B EX371Figheldean, WiltshireView details
02/07/1952Flt Lt G. Wood-Smith DFC, D Squadron A&AEE P; Mr D.E. Purse, photographerBristol Brigand B Mk I RH753Bemerton Heath, Salisbury, WiltshireView details
19/08/1952Flt Lt L.H Wilkinson; Flt Lt M. Marcovitch RAAFVickers Valetta C Mk 1 VL266Lodge Farm, Odiham, HampshireView details
27/08/1952Lt A.E. Facer RN, Naval Aviation Flight RAE TPde Havilland Sea Venom NF Mk 20 WK376Frimley Green, HampshireView details
06/09/1952John Derry DFC, de Havilland TP, Hatfield; Tony Richards, de Havilland FTO, Hatfieldde Havilland D.H.110 WG236Farnborough, HampshireView details
25/11/1952Sqn Ldr C.G. Clark DFC, A Squadron A&AEE TPde Havilland Venom FB Mk 1 WE258Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
11/06/1953P.G. Lawrence, Gloster TPGloster Javelin WD808Flax Bourton, SomersetView details
27/06/1953Sqn Ldr D.W. Colquhoun, A Squadron A&AEE TPHawker Sea Hawk F Mk 1 WF109Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
08/09/1953Flt Lt J.K. Hough AFC, RAE Farnborough TPBristol Sycamore Mk 1 VL963Crashed on aborted take-offView details
26/09/1953Mr H.D. Shaw; Mr J. McCaig, Ferranti Flying Unit TPsHawker Sea Fury T Mk 20 VX283Tranent, East LothianView details
23/10/1953Flt Lt P.J. Clarke, P; Sqn Ldr W.A. Allison, navigator, TFU DeffordEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WF892Sowton, DevonView details
10/11/1953Sqn Ldr N.E.D. Lewis, A Squadron A&AEE TPSupermarine Swift Mk 1 WJ965Breamore Down, HampshireView details
22/02/1954Mr K.B. Forbes, Fairey Aviation TP, Ringwayde Havilland Venom FB Mk 1 WK390Hanley Banks, StaffordshireView details
25/02/1954Flt Lt K.W. Dalton-Golding DFC, Handley Page deputy CTP; Mr M.G. Goodridge, FTOEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WJ622Radlett, HertfordshireView details
04/03/1954Mr E. Beadle, Marshalls Cambridge TPde Havilland Venom FB Mk 1 WK427Chelmsford, EssexView details
31/03/1954Gp Cpt G.N. Hancock ETPSGloster Meteor F Mk 8 WH312Mytchett Green, HampshireView details
18/05/1954Mr E. Griffiths, Armstrong Siddeley Motors CTPWestland Wyvern S Mk 4 VZ747Palton, WarwicksView details
22/06/1954Sqn Ldr D.J. Murphy DFC, ETPS TPHawker Sea Fury T Mk 20 VX818Aldershot, HampshireView details
14/07/1954Sqn Ldr R.V. Ecclestone DFC AFC, Handley Page TP; Mr E.N.K. Bennett, FTO; Mr B. Heithersay, FTO; Mr A.B. Cook, FTOHandley Page Victor B Mk 1 WB771Cranfield, BedfordshireView details
25/08/1954Mr P.D. Byrne, RAE Farnborough FTOFairey Gannet AS Mk 1 WN348Lost at seaView details
21/10/1954Flt Lt R.J. RossGloster Javelin FAW Mk 1 XA546Bristol Channel off Weston-super-MareView details
29/12/1954Flt Lt A.L.B. Faucett, Experimental Flying Department RAE TPKramme & Zeuthen KZ10 642Farnborough, HampshireView details
02/03/1955Flt Lt E.H. Edmonds (navigator TFU Defford); Flt Lt F.W.W. Seaman (signaller TFU Defford)Handley Page Hastings C Mk 2 WD484Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
29/03/1955Mr R.L. Jones DSO, Rolls Royce TP; Mr I.D. Davies, FTO; Mr W. Orr, FTO; Mr M. Costello, FTO, all of Rolls RoyceAvro Lancastrian C Mk 2 VL970Hucknall, NottsView details
05/07/1955Lt-Cdr T.A. Rickell, A&AEE TPSupermarine 525 VX138Idmiston, WiltshireView details
04/08/1955Lt G. Perks RN, National Aeronautical Establishment TP; Mr M.F. Burle, FTOSikorsky Dragonfly HR Mk 3 WG666Risley, BedfordshireView details
27/11/1955Sqn Ldr F.C. Cooke DFC, A&AEE Handling squadron TP; Flt Lt P. Hyden, navigator A&AEE Handling SquadronEnglish Electric Canberra B(I) Mk 8Sailisbury, WiltshireView details
30/04/1956Mr J.W. Lowman; Mr M. Booth; Miss G.M. Warman, all A&AEE FTOsWestland Whirlwind HAR Mk 3 XJ395Lyndhurst, HampshireView details
07/05/1956Sqn Ldr M.R. Alston, B Squadron A&AEE P; Flt Lt V.D. Hall, navigator B Squadron A&AEEEnglish Electric Canberra B(I) Mk 8 WT328English Channel 3 miles south of ShorehamView details
11/05/1956Sqn Ldr Kenneth Orman (RAE Experimental Flying Department RAE TP), Flt Lt K.E.A. Evans (Experimental Flying Department RAE navigator), Mr. Knight (Experimental Flying Department RAE FTO).Vickers Valiant B Mk 1 WP202Southwick, SussexView details
24/08/1956Mr E.B. Smith, Gloster Aircraft TPGloster Javelin FAW Mk 4 XA644Wotton-under-Edge, GloucestershireView details
28/09/1956Flt Lt L.A. Coe, Blind Landing Experimental Unit TP; Mr J. Birkle, BLEU FTOEnglish Electric Canberra T Mk 4 WE189Martlesham Heath, SuffolkView details
07/12/1956Sqn Ldr J.B. Wales OBE DFC TD, Avro senior production TP; Mr G.A. Blake, Avro flight engineer; Mr C. O'Neill, Avro FTO; Mr R.A. Greenhalgh, Avro FTOAvro Shackleton MR Mk 3 WR970Foolow (Eyam), DerbyView details
06/11/1957E. Statham, Bristol Aeroplane Company TPBristol Britannia 301 G-ANCADownend, BristolView details
28/11/1957Wg Cdr H.G.F. Larsen DFC, RAE Bedford TPRolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig XK426Hucknall, NottsView details
09/12/1957Flt Lt W.A. Bell, P; Flt Lt K.C.F. Shelley, navigatorEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WK129Carnedd Llywelyn, CaernarvonshireView details
26/02/1958Flt Lt R.S. May. A Squadron A&AEE TP; Fg Off J.M.V. Coates, A Squadron A&AEE navigatorGloster Javelin FAW Mk 7 XH714Kingston, HampshireView details
05/06/1958Sqn Ldr J.S. Booth DFC, Saunders-Roe CTPSaunders-Roe SR.53 XD151Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
20/09/1958Mr K.R. Sturt; Mr J. Ford, both Rolls-Royce Hucknall TPs; Mr Howkins, Rolls-Royce Hucknall FTO; Flt Lt R.M. Parrot, navigatorAvro Vulcan B Mk 1 VX770Syerston, NottsView details
09/10/1958Mr P.H. Durrant, English Electric FTOEnglish Electric Canberra PR Mk 9 XH129Liverpool BayView details
15/10/1958Sqn Ldr Ernest John 'Red' Roberts AFC, A Squadron A&AEE TPFolland Gnat Mk 1 XK767Stapleford, WiltshireView details
20/10/1958Lt W.R Shackleton RNGloster Meteor NF Mk 11 WD765Malshanger, HampshireView details
20/08/1959Sqn Ldr R.J. Morgan; Sqn Ldr G.B. Stockman, both B Squadron A&AEE TPs; Flt Lt L.N. Williams, navigator; Flt Lt R.J. Hannaford, radio op; Mr R. Williams, Handley Page FTOHandley Page Victor B Mk 2 XH668Irish Sea (off St Brides Bay, Wales)View details
12/10/1959Mr William Lewis Alford (NASA), Mr John G. Joyce (Blackburn FTO)Blackburn Buccaneer S Mk 1 XK490Lyndhurst, HampshireView details
19/10/1959Sqn Ldr N.G. Emslie, TP; Flt Lt V.A. Sawkins, flight engineer ETPSVickers Varsity T Mk 1 WF381Havant, HampshireView details
26/04/1960Mr R. Hazelhurst, Bristol Siddeley Engines TP; Mr P. Field, Bristol Siddeley Engines FTO; Mr E. Potter, Bristol Siddeley Engines FTOFairey Gannet AEW Mk 3 XJ440FiltonView details
11/11/1960Flt Lt J.S. Duncan AFC, P Handling Squadron A&AEEGloster Meteor T Mk 7 WF766Lyme Regis, DorsetView details
16/11/1960Lt-Cdr J.R.S. Overbury, Hunting TPHunting Jet Provost T Mk 2B G-AOUSLangford, BedfordshireView details
31/08/1961Lt Cdr Ozzie Brown RN (C Squadron A&AEE TP), Mr Terry D. Dunn (HSA/Blackburn FTO)Blackburn Buccaneer S Mk 1 XK529Lyme Bay, DorsetView details
23/03/1962Mr M.P. Evans, A&AEE navigator; Mr P. Evans, Handley Page FTOHandley Page Victor B Mk 2 XL159Stubton, LincsView details
05/07/1962Lt G.W.N. Jones, RN, C Squadron A&AEE observerBlackburn Buccaneer S Mk 1 XN922Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
25/10/1962Flt Lt D. Oldham, P; Flt Lt W.I.D. England, ETPSEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WJ730Farnborough, HampshireView details
19/02/1963Mr G.R.I. "Sailor" Parker (Hawker Siddeley/Blackburn TP), Mr Gordon R. Copeman (Hawker Siddeley/Blackburn FTO)Blackburn Buccaneer S Mk 1 XN952 Holme-on-Spalding Moor, YorkshireView details
02/10/1963Mr J.R. Green, Shorts Belfast TPShort SC.1 XG905Belfast, Northern IrelandView details
22/10/1963Lt Cdr Mike J. Lithgow OBE (Vickers-Armstrong deputy CTP), Capt Richard Rymer (Vickers-Armstrong TP), Mr Ben J. Prior (assistant chief aerodynamicist, Vickers-Armstrong), Mr C. J. Webb (assistant chief designer, Hunting Aircraft), Mr R. A. F. Wright (Vickers-Armstrong senior FTO), Mr G. R. Poulter (Vickers-Armstrong FTO), Mr D. J. Clark (Hunting Aircraft FTO).BAC One-Eleven Series 200 G-ASHGNear Chicklade, WiltshireView details
08/03/1966Pilot Brian Wass and his Flight Test Observer (name not known)Marshalls MA4 (modified Auster) VF665West Wratting, SuffolkView details
18/04/1966Mr A. Brandon, TP; Mr A. Chalke, FTOde Havilland Vampire T Mk 55 5C-YALlanarmom Dyffryn Ceirog, DenbighshireView details
03/06/1966P. Barlow, Hawker Siddeley Hatfield TP; G.B.S. Errington, Hawker Siddeley Hatfield TP; C.W. Patterson, radio officer; E. Brackstone-Brown, FTOHawker Siddeley Trident Mk 1 G-ARPYFelthorpe, NorfolkView details
30/06/1966Flt Lt W.C. Mackison, P; Flt Lt C.M. Pridmore, navigator; both of Experimental Flying Unit, RAE FarnboroughBlackburn (Hawker Siddeley) Buccaneer S Mk 1 XK528Luce Bay, WigtownshireView details
14/05/1968Flt Lt R.L. Beeson; Sqn Ldr J.P.H. Mercer, both B Squadron A&AEEHawker Hunter Mk 7A XL611East Knoyle, WiltshireView details
01/05/1970Maj J.R. Weaver USAF, Flt Lt G.W.E. Foster AFM, B Squadron A&AEE FTOEnglish Electric Canberra TT Mk 18 WJ632Lyme Bay, DorsetView details
27/04/1976Flt Lt T. Colgan, PHawker Siddeley Argosy XR105Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
24/07/1981Flt Lt S. Sparkes, A&AEE NavBritish Aircraft Corporation Jaguar T.2 XX916Bristol Channel off Hartland PointView details
02/07/1986Jim Hawkins, Dunsfold Deputy CTPBritish Aerospace Hawk 200 (prototype) ZH200Dunsfold, SurreyView details
22/10/1987Taylor Scott, BAe Dunsfold TPBritish Aerospace Harrier GR.5 ZD325Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire (pilot), North Atlantic 250 miles s.w. of Ireland (aircraft)View details

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