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"...and everywhere the
blue sky belongs to them
and is their appointed rest
and their native country"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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62 fatal incidents found.

13/08/1912Robert Fenwick, TPMersey PusherLarkhillView details
23/02/1914E.T. Haynes, Technical ObsRoyal Aircraft Factory B.E.2Chichester Harbour, SussexView details
11/1914R.P. Alston, senior designer, SopwithSopwith 807 Folder Seaplanenot knownView details
05/11/1914E.T. Busk, PRoyal Aircraft Factory B.E.2cFarnborough, HampshireView details
12/07/1915Mr H.D. Lileynot known Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough, HampshireView details
21/02/1916Wg Cdr N.F. Usborne; Sqn Cdr de C.W.P. IrelandAPI CombinationRNAS Kingsnorth, KentView details
07/09/1916Mr A.F. Lashmar; Mr R.O. LashmarWight converted Seaplane 9841not knownView details
12/09/1916Mr G.L. Railton; Mr F. WilliamsRoyal Aircraft Factory R.E.7 2199not knownView details
21/09/1916Lt W.H.S. GarnettAvro 521 7520Gosport, HampshireView details
20/10/1916Flt Lt L.H. HardstaffSopwith Triplane N510Eastchurch, KentView details
28/01/1917Major F.W. GooddenRoyal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 A4562Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough, HampshireView details
21/03/1917Lt M.R.H.A. AllenBristol Scout 5556Testing Squadron, Upavon, WiltshireView details
12/05/1917Mr W.R. Ding, Blackburn PRoyal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c 9952Soldiers Field, Roundhay, LeedsView details
07/08/1917Sqn Cdr E.H. Dunning Sopwith Pup N6452English Channel, overboard from flight deck of HMS FuriousView details
25/08/1917Mr H. BarnwellVickers F.B.26Joyce Green, Dartford, KentView details
29/12/1917Lt G.E. CushingSopwith Camel B3888not knownView details
31/12/19172nd Lt P.W. WilcoxRoyal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 A3432not knownView details
19/01/1918Cpt E.H.G. SharplesRoyal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a C5341not knownView details
05/02/1918Cpt L.M. Barlow MC**Sopwith Dolphin C3779not knownView details
16/03/1918Cpt K.K. Muspratt MC; Flt Sgt S. Ashby MMAirco D.H.9A C6350not knownView details
14/04/1918Lt B.M.H. Jones; Air Mechanic 1 H.H. PalmerBristol F.2B B1308not knownView details
06/05/1918Lt F.M.C. HoughtonSopwith Camel B6303not knownView details
08/05/1918Lt L.F.D. Lutyens; Mr D.H. PinsentAirco D.H.4 A7671not knownView details
08/06/1918Cpt V.E.G. Busby (Martlesham Heath TP); Mr Bertram G. Cooper (Air Ministry); Mr R.P. Cooper (Harland and Wolff); Mr W.H. Hathaway (Handley Page); Mr J.W. Windebank (Handley Page)Handley Page V/1500 B9463Golders Green, LondonView details
08/06/1918Lt S.H.A. D'Arcy DSOBAT Bantam IInot knownView details
19/08/1918Capt O. Horsely; Capt H.A. RenwickRoyal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 A4205Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, HampshireView details
09/09/1918Lt A.V. LewisGrain Griffin N102not knownView details
11/09/1918Lt G.S. WilkinVickers Vimy B9954Martlesham HeathView details
10/11/1918Lt O.B.W. WillsBristol F.2B D8030not knownView details
03/05/1919Flt Cdr P. Legh, BAT TPBAT Basilisk F2906Hendon, MiddlesexView details
14/08/1921Flt Lt O.M. Sutton MC, A&AEE TP; AC2 Charles James Sheridan, ObsBristol Braemar C4297Martlesham HeathView details
24/08/1921Air Cdre E.M. Maitland CMG DSO AFC; Flt Lt G.M. Thomas DFC; Flt Lt I.C. Little AFC; Flt Lt R.S. Montagu DSC; Flt Lt J.F.M. Pritchard OBE AFC; Fg Off T.F. Mathewson AFC; Fg Off V.H. Wicks; Flt Sgt S.J. Heath; Flt Sgt W.H. Greene; Flt Sgt H. Thompson; Flt Sgt F. Smith; Flt Sgt J. Rye; Flt Sgt A.T. Martin; Sgt J.W. Mason; Sgt F.E. Burton; LAC G.S. Anger; LAC W. Oliver; LAC J.N. Wilson; AC1 J.C. Drew; AC1 C.W. Donald; AC1 E.E. Steere AM; AC1 C.W. Penson; AC2 R. Parker; AC2 R. Withington; Mr J.R. Pannnell, National Physical Laboratory; Mr C.W. Duffield, , National Physical Laboratory; Mr C.J.R. Campbell, Royal Airship Works; Mr F. Warren, Royal Airship WorksAirship R.38River Humber Estuary, Near Hull, YorkshireView details
30/11/1923Flg Off E. Bird, TP; Cpl G.R. Budd, ObsShort Springbok Mk I J6975Martlesham HeathView details
05/07/1924Flg Off E.E. Paull Smith, MAEE TPSupermarine Sea Lion Mk III GEBAHSea off FelixstoweView details
19/08/1926Flt Lt H.R. Junor DFC, RAE TPGloster Gamecock J7906Hucclecote, GloucestershireView details
08/12/1926Flt Lt G. Wheatley, A&AEE TPGloster Gamecock J7891Martlesham HeathView details
23/01/1928Fg Off H.C.G. Dauncey, A&AEE TPBlackburn Turcock GEBYPMartlesham HeathView details
12/03/1928Flt Lt S.M. Kinkead, RAF High Speed Flight PSupermarine S.5 N221Solent off CalshotView details
16/05/1928E.R.C. Scholefield, Vickers Chief TPVickers Vanguard G-EBCPSheppertonView details
19/04/1937AC G.P. Smurthwaite, ObsVickers Wellington prototype K4049Waldringfield, SuffolkView details
22/07/1937Flt Lt E.W. SimmondsMiles Magister L5912Sea off SuffolkView details
28/06/1938Wg Cdr F.W. Stent, TPMiles Whitney Straight M.11C G-AEYIHarefield, BerkshireView details
06/09/1938John Hindmarsh, Hawker TPHawker Hurricane Mk I L1652St George's Hill, Weybridge, SurreyView details
23/08/1939Flt Sgt C.E. Higgins P, LAC R.J. Machin, AC D. TreadwellBristol Bombay L5808Martlesham HeathView details
04/09/1939Flt Lt Gilbert S. White (RAE TP)Spitfire prototype K5054Farnborough, HampshireView details
05/03/1940Fg Off B.R. Rolfe, Blackburn TP; Mr J.B.E. Johnson, Blackburn FTOBlackburn Botha L6129Flixborough, LincsView details
06/03/1940Mr Edward F. Godfray (Air Service Training TP), Mr David V. Edward (Armstong-Whitworth FTO), Mr Edgar Stroud? (DH Propeller Co FTO)Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk II K7243Baginton, CoventryView details
07/04/1940Flt Lt H. Bailey, Blackburn CTP; Mr ?, Blackburn FTOBlackburn B-20 V8914Sea off Gourock Head, Isle of ButeView details
21/05/1940?, TPBristol Beaufort Mk I L4442not knownView details
26/05/1940?, TPBlackburn Botha L6377Abbotsinch, StrathclydeView details
12/06/1940?, TPBlackburn Botha L6390Abbotsinch, StrathclydeView details
12/06/1940Mr C.A. Washer, Bristol TPBristol Beaufort Mk I L4443South Hinksey, BerkshireView details
08/07/1940?Blackburn Botha Mk I L6205not knownView details
01/08/1940Plt Off A. Bailey, TP; AC2 Budd, PhotographerVickers Vildebeest K6408Solent off Ryde Pier, IoWView details
28/08/1940Mr E.G.H. Russell-Stacey, Hawker TPHawker Hurricane Mk II Z2340Brooklands, SurreyView details
05/09/1940Fg Off K. Munro, P; Flt Lt E.J. Always, P; Sgt C.J. Hames, WOp/AG; Sgt F.W.K. Wood, ObsAvro Anson R9815Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
17/09/1940Sgt T. Budden, P; Capt P.J. Fulton; Lt R.A. JefferiesBristol Blenheim Mk IV P4830Longford Castle (Salisbury), WiltshireView details
01/10/1940Mr R.O. Tipple, RAE Farnborough FTOFairey Battle Mk I K9223Wembdon Hill, Bridgewater, SomersetView details
21/10/1940Flt Lt J.C. Alexander, MAEE TP; Plt Off Mills, MAEE TP; LAC Gianella; LAC McLaughlin; AC1 Bullocke; AC2 Hunter; Mr Such, MAEESaunders-Roe Lerwick L7248 Faslane, ArgyllView details
22/10/1940Mr E.L. Oakley, Photographer; Mr J.W. Parsons, PhotographerHandley Page Hampden Mk I P4354Bower Chalke, Salisbury, WiltshireView details
16/11/1940Plt Off G.E. Stansbury, TPBristol Blenheim Mk IV L4893Filton, BristolView details
04/12/1940Mr J.W. Hathorne, Gloster TPHawker Hurricane Mk I N2497Robins Wood Hill, Brockworth, GloucestershireView details

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