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"...and everywhere the
blue sky belongs to them
and is their appointed rest
and their native country"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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CasualtiesSqn Ldr R.S. Kronfeld AFC, General Aircraft CTP
AircraftGeneral Aircraft GAL. 56/01 TS507
Took off fromLasham, Hampshire
Purpose of flightStalling trials of tailless research glider
Incident locationLower Froyle, Alton, Hampshire
Incident detailsTowed to 10,000ft by Halifax tug. After second stall glider entered stable stall with trim set nose-down to reduce stick loads. The glider defied the pilot's efforts to unstall it until he raised the flaps and put the nose down into a dive, which proved impossible to recover owing to the trim set. The glider bunted at -5g, and the FTO baled out. The pilot failed to do so before aircraft hit the ground inverted

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