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English Electric Canberra - Survivor XH135

PR.9 XH135 - Ken Delve, Cotswold Airport, Kemble, Gloucestershire

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Canberra PR.9 XH135 at Cotswold Airport, 5th September 2021; Jake Wallace

XH135 was built in 1959, and was delivered to RAF charge with the Handling Squadron at RAF Manby, being transferred a year later to Shorts of Belfast (March 1960). A further year on, XH135 was delivered to 15 MU (for an overhaul?) before joining squadron service with 58 Sqn at RAF Wyton. Transferring briefly to 13 Sqn in Malta, she ended up on 39 Sqn, again at RAF Wyton, and remained with them until February 1982 when she was put in store at RAF St Athan. She was re-activated to join 1 PRU when that was formed out of the half-strength 39 Sqn at RAF Marham.

The airframe retired into Kemble airfield (now Cotswold Airport) alongside XH131 and XH134 on the 31st July 2006. XH135 was kept in taxiable condition for several years and could often be seen performing fast taxi runs on the airshow days. Both XH135 and XH134 were brought by Midair around 2010, with the vision to make one of the airframes airworthy again, With XH134 soon being the chosen one for returning to the skies, XH135 was used for testing the modification of electric start, and sadly made her last ever engine runs in 2012 before being stripped of parts to help her sister live on. Once stripped, XH135 was pushed aside and could occasionally be seen on static display with Buccaneer XX889 by the ASI hangars before being stored airside. In 2017, Midair unfortunately went bust and their Canberras ended up with the receivers.

Both Canberras were stored at various areas on-site throughout the years while waiting for a new owner with deep pockets to make an offer, but that never happened and they ended up in the ownership of the airport in lieu of unpaid parking fees.

In 2020, The Buccaneer Aviation Group's moved their airframes from Bruntingthorpe to Cotswold Airport and agreed to cosmetically look after both Canberras. XH135 has since been thoroughly washed by a small number of TBAG volunteers over several weekends in early 2021, making her look much more presentable.

Overall, XH135 is not in a bad state other than the odd bit of corrosion here and there, missing instruments in both cockpits, missing starboard ailerons and a handful of missing panels on the underside. The original paintwork is still surprisingly immaculate, which has helped preserve the airframe, although some of the markings have faded quite badly on the port side. The airframe is still complete with engines but the jet pipes have been removed.

In early 2022, Cotswold Airport announced that they were disposing of XH135. Former Canberra PR.9 Navigator Ken Delve, began looking into different ways of saving the airframe from the scrapman. As Ken was keen to save the airframe, he set up a crowdfunder for 30 or so days to raise money to help transport it to West Raynham. Sadly, the crowdfunder didn't raise nearly enough to move the airframe complete, however, Ken has managed to purchase the airframe. It is still an unknown though as to whether Ken will be able to move the whole airframe else where by mid-2022, or if XH135 will have to be reduced to a cockpit section.

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