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English Electric Canberra by Ken Delve, Peter Green & John Clemons

ISBN 0-904597-73-3

Published by Midland Counties

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Published in 1992 when the type was still in active service, this is still pretty much the 'bible' and is readily available second hand at reasonable prices. It's a big book - 272 pages - and jam-packed full of history, facts and figures, with mostly monochrome photos (though several pages worth of colour ones). Eminently readable, and it also covers the American Canberra variants. Includes a complete listing of every UK-built Canberra with brief histories of each. Really the only criticism here is that it isn't a bigger book and could do with another edition to bring it up to date with the last years of Canberra operations. Highly recommended.

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English Electric Canberra and Martin B-57 by Barry Jones

ISBN 978-1861262554

Published by Crowood

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The title promises a little too much in that only 20 of its 192 pages are dedicated to the B-57 variants, but other than that this is another good volume on the type, sufficiently different from the Midland Counties book above to be worth buying them both. Mostly monochrome photos again, with a colour section of a few pages. Recommended.

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Canberra - The Operational Record by Robert Jackson

ISBN 978-1853100499

Published by Airlife

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Published in 1988 so not covering the final years in RAF service, this is another good book, concentrating on the various uses to which this versatile jet was put to by the RAF and RN, and various of the foreign operators too (mostly RAAF, RNZAF, India and the USA). All monochrome on the photo front apart from the dust jacket. Includes a listing of UK-built Canberras with brief histories. Recommended and often available for next to no money.

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English Electric Canberra by Roland Beamont & Arthur Reed

ISBN 978-0711013438

Published by Ian Allan

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Another old one - published in 1984 - but well worth seeking out. With Roland Beamont as one of the authors you know you're in for some good stuff on the development, and indeed much of the book is given over to how the aircraft was built, test flown and upgraded through the various marks. Bea was clearly enthusiastic about the type long after he'd finished flying it, and this comes across clearly. Lots of bits and pieces in here you won't find in other books so I recommend you grab a copy if you see it anywhere.

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Aeroguide 7 - Canberra by Roger Chesneau & Ray Rimell

ISBN 0-946958-06-8

Published by Linewrights

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Published in 1984, this is a short monograph aimed at modellers, with lots of monochrome detail photos of B.2s and T.4s of 231 OCU plus a handful of photos of other marks and some profile drawings. Worth a look if you see it cheap second hand.

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