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53-415 - RKAFB Al Jaber (gate guardian), Kuwait

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Lightning F.53 53-415 at Al Jaber AFB along with 53-416 and 53-417, Kuwait, June 1995; Roy Hauer

Now a trio of Kuwaiti Lightnings. These three F.53s (53-415, 416 and 417) are mounted in vic formation on poles at the Al Jaber Royal Kuwaiti Air Force Base. Though thankfully surviving the attentions of Saddam Hussein's military, the Lightnings are in pretty poor condition and have received little attention over the last few years. Part of the reason for this is that some areas of the base have still not been certified as being clear of unexploded ordnance - when Roy was there even some of the 'clean' areas had cluster bomblets lying around on them!

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