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Survivor 'XH707' (really XH768)

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XH707 - Museo dell'Aviazione, Cerbaiola, near Rimini, Italy

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Javelin FAW.9 XH707 at Cerbaiola, 28th October 2004; John Valsson

The real XH707 was used by Armstrong Siddeley to test various reheat installations, as a precursor to the FAW.8. XH768, though, led a more normal life, and after retirement ended up displayed at the ill-fated aviation museum at Southend. With the museum's closure she was auctioned off and bought by Air Classik in Germany, and stayed there until acquired by the newly formed Museo dell'Aviazione in 1995. They have a page about XH707 here. Unfortunately the Italian climate, while most agreeable to people, hasn't been kind to this Javelin - badly faded, has some moss growing on her, and the pitot probes have been bent by vandals. The nose wheel is sinking into the ground, and to stop the aircraft tipping on its tail the rear fuselage is supported by a brace.

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