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Vickers Valiant - Survivors

Scrapped Valiants
The fate of most Valiants

Unfortunately once the Valiant force was retired the MoD embarked on an orgy of burning and scrapping, and only a single example was earmarked for preservation - thankfully a particularly historic example, the one that dropped Britain's first hydrogen bomb. A few nose sections have also managed to survive but as a type the Valiant has come perilously close to extinction.

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Complete aircraft

SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XD818BK.1RAF Museum Midlands, RAF Cosford, Shropshire24/04/2022

Nose/cockpit/other sections

SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XD875B.1Morayvia (on loan), Kinloss, Scotland19/01/2022
SerialMarkOwner & locationUpdated
XD816BK.1Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey09/05/2022
XD826BK.1Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire09/12/2022
XD857BK.1Marham Aviation Heritage Centre, RAF Marham, Norfolk16/11/2021