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Vickers Valiant - The First of the V-Bombers by Eric B. Morgan

ISBN 1-85780-134-2

Published by Aerofax, 2002

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Covers the development and service history of the type with lots of photos both monochrome and colour, and many technical drawings and other illustrations. Undoubtedly the best single publication on the type (and the best of the various Aerofax volumes) - it is just a shame Eric is no longer around to write a larger and more comprehensive volume.

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Jet Bomber Pilot by Wg Cdr J A 'Robby' Robinson RAF (Retd)

ISBN 0-9544507-9-5

Published by Old Forge Publishing, 2006

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A highly readable and entertaining account of one man's RAF career from training on Meteors in the early 1950s through Canberras and then on to the Valiant. While you may not learn a great deal about the aircraft itself the culture and activities of a Valiant squadron all come across very well and it's never boring. A valuable insight into what it was like to fly the forgotten bomber.

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Operation Grapple - Testing Britain's First H-Bomb by Group Captain Kenneth Hubbard and Michael Simmons


Published by Ian Allan, 1985

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A superb book on the H-bomb programme; contains not only previously unpublished photos of the build-up, dropping and aftermath of the series of bomb drops, but also contains highly detailed drawings of the airframe fit and special modifications applied to the 'Grapple' aircraft (also in the Aerofax book).

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V-Force - The History of Britain's Airborne Deterrent by Andrew Brookes

ISBN 978-0710602381

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A good book on the entire V-force with good Valiant coverage, particularly about the early nuclear test drops.

Modern Combat Aircraft 11 - V-Bombers by Robert Jackson

ISBN 1 901945 03 0

Published by Ian Allan Ltd./Book Law Publications

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A book on the entire V-Force, with good Valiant coverage. Recently reprinted and should still be available at a knock-down price.

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