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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX117

GR.3A XX117 - DSAE, RAF Cosford, Shropshire

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Jaguar GR.3A XX117 at RAF Cosford, 19th May 2018; Richard E Flagg

First flown on 8th October 1973, XX117 was delivered to the RAF and entered service with 226 OCU at RAF Lossiemouth, coded 05. She was returned to BAC in June 1979 to be given an upgrade to Jaguar International standard before being loaned to the Indian Air Force as JI-004. She returned to the UK in 1984 and was converted to a GR.1A, returning to service with 226 OCU, coded 06. She later moved to 16(R) Squadron and underwent the Jaguar 96 (in 1996) and GR.3A upgrades (in 2001) and continued her career with 16 Squadron, including a period wearing a black tail with large 'Saint' emblem. After a period with 6 Squadron, coded EB and later EP, she returned to 16(R) Squadron, coded ES, and was selected in 2005 to be the 16 Squadron 90th anniversary 'special', another black tail with a gold flash and large squadron badge, which was worn until the squadron disbanded.

She was retired to No.1 SoTT Cosford, Shropshire (later renamed as DCAE Cosford) on 20/09/2005 for ground instructional use and remains there, undercover, for technical training.

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