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GR.3A XX116 - Jet Art Aviation, Selby, Yorkshire

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Jaguar GR.3A XX116 at Manston Fire Training School, 21st October 2017; Richard E Flagg

XX116, well known for being on the Black Cat 1990s airshow circuit Jaguar, painted in overall satin black.

Sadly XX116 has spent most, if not all of retirement at Manston Fire Training School battling the elements with very little care... Until the end of 2020 when Jet Art brought the aircraft after it had come up for sale along with the rest of the aircraft at the school. The airframe today is in a very poor condition but Jet Art plan to restore the Jaguar for static display with a repaint back to its 1990s statin black colours!

The photo above shows XX116 in 2017 looking rather unloved with no canopy leaving her canopy to fill with water during resulting in corrosion.

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