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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX108

GR.1B XX108 - Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire

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Jaguar GR.1B XX108 at Duxford, 4th June 2019; Damien Burke

The first production GR.1, XX180 first flew on 12th October 1972 and was a trials aircraft, initially lacking the chisel nose housing the laser gear used in service. She became the Jaguar International demonstrator airframe and was exhibited as such at the 1974 Farnborough Airshow. She suffered an embarassing nose gear collapse at the 1979 Paris Air Show (no doubt delighting Dassault) but was soon back in the air. She was upgraded to a GR.1B in 1996 and used for Adour Mk.106 trials in 2000 before being retired in 2002. The IWM acquired her a few years later and she is now on display in the Airspace hangar, dangling from the roof. She lacks engines, guns and pylons.

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