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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XZ399

GR.3A XZ399 - DSAE, RAF Cosford, Shropshire

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Jaguar GR.3A XZ399 at RAF Cosford, 19th May 2018; Richard E Flagg

First flown on 23rd November 1977, XZ399 was then placed into storage at Warton and wasn't delivered to the RAF in May 1979, joining 6 Sqn at RAF Coltishall, coded EN. She was transferred to 14 Sqn in January 1983, coded AG, but returned to 6 Sqn as EL in February 1984 before moving on to 226 OCU at RAF Lossiemouth in May of that year, coded 09.

She was upgraded to a GR.1A in 1985, and then joined 6 Sqn coded EN. She spent some more time with 226 OCU coded 03 from 1987 to 1993, then returning to 6 Sqn with the new code of EJ, and apart from a period as the Jaguar 97 trials aircraft, remained with 6 Sqn until her retirement on 12th June 2007, being flow into RAF Cosford for ground instructional use.

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