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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XZ400

GR.3A XZ400 - Jet Art Aviation, Selby, Yorkshire

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Jaguar GR.3A XZ400 at Everett Aero, 24th February 2018; Richard E Flagg

Built as a GR.1 and first flown on 16th February 1978, XZ400 was the last single seat airframe for the RAF and initially stored at Warton then retained for a period for development flying. Finally delivered to the RAF on 29th June 1979, she joined 54 Sqn at RAF Coltishall, coded GP. She was upgraded to a GR.1A at Abingdon in 1983, but was soon damaged in a landing accident at RAF Honington in February 1984. Repaired and recoded GH, she moved to 6 Sqn in 1986, coded EG.

In 1992 she was flown to RAF Shawbury for storage pending upgrade. It took until 1997 for that upgrade to happen, and she gained the overall grey scheme then, joining 54 Sqn coded GR. She was further upgraded to GR.3 at St. Athan in 2000, then used for Adour 106 development trials at Warton. She finally went back to Coltishall in January 2002, ending up with 41 Sqn coded FQ. Her final flight was to St Athan on 6th July 2005 for spares recovery. She was then sold to Everett Aero for outside storage in 2006 before being sold again to Jet Art Aviation in July 2019. XZ400 has since been road moved to Jet Art's base at Thorpe Wood in North Yorkshire.

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