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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XZ394

GR.3A XZ394 - Thomas Hurn/RAF Sculthorpe Heritage Centre, Tattersett, Norfolk

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Jaguar GR.3A XZ394 at Tattersett, 18th September 2021; Damien Burke

First flown on 2nd September 1977, XZ394 was delivered to the RAF later that month and had a pretty long career, not retiring until March 2006. She served with 41 and 54 Squadrons at RAF Coltishall, mostly coded 'GN' (latterly 'FG'). While she was given desert sand colours in 1991, she was not one of the jets that took part in Operation Granby (and the paint shop had a hell of a job getting rid of the desert colours afterwards!).

In 2000 she was given a special scheme with a red white and blue tail fin marking RAF Coltishall's 60th birthday. On retirement she was delivered to DARA St. Athan for spares recovery, and then disposed of to Everett Aero in August 2006 and stored at Bentwaters for a time. In July 2014 she turned up at Shoreham Airport for gate guard duties at Transair, in this all black 16 Squadron display scheme, but in April 2019 she returned to Everett Aero, and storage at Bentwaters.

By October 2019 she was purchased by Thomas to become part of the RAF Sculthorpe Heritage Centre. Due to lack of space at the centre, the Jag has been situated on Thomas' land in nearby Tattersett Village; there's an honesty box for making donations, which go to the RAF Benevolent Fund. She's largely complete with a few small panels missing, and the starboard tailplane sits at an odd angle due to some missing parts. Well worth a visit if you're passing - please park sensibly and chuck a donation in the box.

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