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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XZ367 (composite with XX725)

GR.3 XZ367 - DSAE, RAF Cosford, Shropshire

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Jaguar GR.3 XZ367 at RAF Cosford, 9th June 2024; Jake Wallace

First flown on 6th October 1976, XZ367 entered service with 226 OCU at RAF Lossiemouth, coded 25. She was soon converted to a GR.1A recce variant and joined II(AC) Squadron at RAFG Laarbruch, coded 25. With the Jaguar's withdrawal from RAFG she joined 54 Squadron at RAF Coltishall in 1989, now coded GP.

In 1990/91 she took part in Operation Granby, the liberation of Kuwait, gaining desert sand paint and initially wearing 'Debbie' nose art - soon replaced by a simple White Rose of Yorkshire. Some elements of this scheme proved hard to strip, so she was still wearing white serial and tail code and pale roundels the in 1993.

By late 1993 she was repainted in overall ARTF grey, taking part in Operation Deny Flight over Bosnia and Hezegovina. After conversion to GR.3 standard she then joined 6 Squadron. She was finally retired from flying in 2002 and relegated to being a weapons loading trainer at Coltishall, gaining the tail fin of XX112 (6 Squadron 90th Anniversary colours).

With the station's closure and the last remaining Jaguar squadron moving to RAF Coningsby, XZ367 was surplus to requirements and put up for disposal (the colourful fin moved to Coningsby with the Squadron!). She was, I think, the last Jaguar to depart the station - by road of course.

She was bought by Everett Aero and transported to Bentwaters in September 2006. Everett put her back together a couple of years later (apparently with the fin from XX725, coded EE) and in April 2010 she was purchased back by the MoD and was transported to Cosford for ground instructional use.

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