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Survivor XX751 (8973M)

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GR.1 XX751 - Privately Owned, Ash, Aldershot, Surrey

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Jaguar GR.1 XX751 at Syerston, 18th September 2010; Richard E Flagg

XX751 made it's first flight on 27th January 1974 and retired on 14th April 1975 at RAF Cosford No.1 School of Technical Training but then moved on to Syerston in the Autumn of 2007.

Much like TXX739, this was where XX751 also lost it's canopy and can be seen above with a canopy 'decoy' to protect the cockpit from the elements, the aircraft also lost various other parts while be a resident at Syerston.

It was then moved to Everett Aero based at Bentwaters Airfield, here the aircraft was partially restored with being fitted with a replacement canopy along with a repaint.

XX751 was then sold to a private owner who road moved by road to somewhere in the Ash area where it is now currently being stored inside.

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