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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX747 (8903M)

GR.1 XX747 - Unknown location

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Jaguar GR.1 XX747 at Selby, 2nd August 2021; Jet Art Aviation

A world record holder, XX747 first took to the skies in December 1974 and was delivered to the RAF a few days later. In 1977, the aircraft broke the world speed record from Edinburgh to London and is still yet to be beaten.

The airframe had retired to RAF Shawbury in the late 1980s for storage, but by June 1987, she was moved to the No.1 School of Technical Training based at Halton where it was used for instructional uses and was given the serial 8903M. It was here that XX747 was repainted into the Gulf War colours for the Royal Tournament in 1991, representing Jaguar XZ364 'Sadman'. - It's often thought that XX747 flew in these colours, but as mentioned above, the airframe retired before the Gulf War which was in 1991, and so never wore these colours when in service. XX747 was later moved to Cranwell in Lincolnshire around 1993 where she continued to be a ground instructional airframe. She was based at Cranwell for over 2 decades and was kept in good condition, being undercover most definitely helped. But in May 2014 she departed for Boscombe Down where she was still used for instructional uses.

In March 2019, XX747 was moved to Jet Art Aviation along with a handful of other Jaguar airframes throughout the year. The aircraft was stored outside for a little bit before work began. Once restoration got underway, the aircraft soon found itself on the road again to the paint shop a lot of effort went into sanding, priming, and painting the airframe into camouflage wraparound colours. This was the scheme she wore when she broke the world speed record from Edinburgh to London in 1977. By September 2021, XX747 was back at Jet Art Aviation in her new colours, prior to arriving at her new home. Yet again, another superb restoration by Jet Art Aviation!

At the time of writing, it is currently unknown as to where XX747 has ended up, but hopefully, it'll be announced in good time.

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