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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX744

GR.1 XX744 - Mayhem Paintball, Abridge, Essex

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Jaguar GR.1 XX744 at Mayhem Paintball, 7th June 2018; Dave Taskis

Currently at Mayhem Paintball in Abridge in Essex, is GR.1 XX744

XX744 first flew on the 7th of November 1974, being delivered to the RAF a month later. The airframe retired in 1988 at Coltishall where she was used for ground instructional training under the serial 9251M.

During 2002, the RAF no longer had a use for XX744, and so disposed of her, with Everett Aero acquiring her. She stayed in storage with Everett Aero for several years before being moved on to a new owner, who put her on display at the Mayhem Paintball park in Abridge. Over the years, many parts have been removed, and unfortunately is now just a shell. Her paintwork is faded and patchy as the photo above shows, but structurally she seems to be fairly sound. The canopy is also seen closed in the photo above, but in more recent years has been sadly left open to the elements.

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