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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX739 (8902M)

GR.1 XX739 - Delta Force Paintball (displayed), Hockley Heath, Solihull

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Jaguar GR.1 XX739 at Delta Force Paintball - M42, 30th September 2023; Jake Wallace

First flown on 17th September 1974, XX739 served with 6 and 54 Squadrons at RAF Coltishall and Lossiemouth.

The airframe retired to ground instructional use at Halton in 1986, then onwards to Cosford where she remained until 2007, when she then moved to Syerston. It was here at Syerston where XX739 lost its canopy and can be seen in one of the above photos wearing a canopy 'decoy' to protect the cockpit from the elements, it also lost the tip of its tail and various panels in the process.

XX739 was later disposed of to Everett Aero, and by 2014, it was at Bentwaters in storage. She was soon sold to Delta Force Paintball in May 2018 and was placed on display, albeit in the undergrowth, next to the M42 at junction 3A. After losing its canopy several years back, the empty cockpit is probably starting to look rather corroded now it can collect and hold rainwater. XX739 has received a repaint into a rather light grey and what looks like a shade of hemp, colours that just vaguely resemble green and grey... The missiles are fake, being made out of what seem to be drain pipes, plywood, and other various things screwed to the underside of the wing. Due to living under trees, she is rather green and dirty as the above photo shows.

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