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Hawker Hunter - Survivor 'WB188' (really XF940)

F.4 WB188 - Privately Owned, Bournemouth area, Dorest.

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Hunter F.4 WB188 at Boscombe Down, July 1st 2000; Damien Burke

A cockpit section that was unknown for some time, before being identified as XF940 around 2010.

XF940 first flew in 1956 and was delivered to the RAF later on. Unfortunately, the airframe was written off in 1961 when she suffered a failure on all fuel pumps when on approach to Farnborough, starving the engine. The pilot safely ejected while the aircraft crash-landed at Tweseldown Racecourse.

The remains of XF940 were recovered and later scrapped at Farnborough, keeping the cockpit for escape procedures training. In the 1990s, the cockpit was donated to the Cove Air Training Squadron, it was later in danger of scrap, but was thankfully saved by a private collector who displayed the cockpit at the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection. The cockpit was painted in red, representing WB188, and was actually signed by Neville Duke himself to make the point! It was at this point the cockpit identity was completely unknown. During September 2000, the aircraft moved hands and was transported to Portishead, Somerset before moving again in 2001 to Kewstoke, also in Somerset. The cockpit was lasted noted in 2012 at Kewstoke, but has apparently been moved to the Bournemouth area in more recent times.

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