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MDF 16 - The Hawker Hunter - A Comprehensive Guide by Paul Bradley

ISBN 0-9551858-9-0

Published by SAM Publications, 2009

Firmly aimed at the modeller, this softback 127-page book nevertheless kicks off with a brief development history and outlines the types service career with the RAF and various export customers. A mixture of colour and monochrome photos, many previously unpublished, show off a good variety of airframes before we move on to a chapter dedicated to colour schemes with a great selection of very well done colour profiles. Following that is a walkaround with plenty of photos of the nitty gritty of the Hunter airframe accompanied by various drawings (though the stencilling diagram is sadly reproduced far too small and is basically unreadable as a result), a chapter on modelling the Hunter with reviews of the various kits available and a list of available kits, decals, aftermarket improvements etc. Tucked in the back is a fold-out set of accurate 1/72 scale plans - a first in print I believe as most existing plans are less than accurate. As a "one-stop shop" for those modelling the Hunter, it's hard to beat.

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Hawker Hunter - 50 Golden Years by Ray Deacon

ISBN 0-9540666-0-X

Published by Vogelsang Publications, 2001

A superb pictorial round-up of just about every airworthy (or near-airworthy) Hunter at the time it was published. A valuable reference - and I'd say that even if I weren't biased because Ray is a keen supporter of this web site!

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Legends of the Air volume 1: F-86 Sabre, MiG-15 and Hawker Hunter by Stewart Wilson

ISBN 1875671129

Published by Airlife, 1995

Buy from Amazon UK

Haven't seen this one myself.

Book cover

Warpaint Series No.8 Hawker Hunter by Alan W. Hall

ISSN 1363-0369

Published by Hall Park Books, 1997

"It's bloody good" - Rick Kent. I'll go along with that! Lots of pictures, development and service history, scale plans of many variants, loads of colour profiles. The best £11.50 you could spend on a Hunter book.

Book cover

Modern Combat Aircraft 15: Hawker Hunter by Robert Jackson

ISBN 0 7110 1216 4

Published by Ian Allan, 1982

Excellent book covering development, RAF service, slightly patchy coverage of the Hunter in foreign service and production listing.

Book cover

Hawker Hunter - The Operational Record by Robert Jackson

ISBN 1 85310 048 X

Published by Airlife, 1989

Contains a lot of duplicated material from the above book, but concentrates on service use with both the RAF and other air forces. Better foreign coverage but no appendices and if you only want one of this author's two Hunter books, the other one is a better all-round choice.

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Hunter Squadrons of the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm by Richard L Ward

ISBN 0 946958 13 0

Published by Linewrights, 1985

Packed with pics (including a colour section) and loads of line drawings of colour schemes. Only criticism is he's missed out the RAF Flying College which operated about 15 Hunters for some time before it was renamed the College of Air Warfare at Manby.

Book cover

Aircam Aviation Series No.26 - Hawker Hunter F.1/T.66 in Royal Air Force & Foreign Service by Richard Ward and Francis K. Mason

ISBN 85045 041 1

Published by Osprey Publications, 1971

Useful text plus loads of pics and colour profiles - well worth a look.

Book cover

Fighting Colors - Hawker Hunter in Color by Robbie Robinson

ISBN 0-89747-181-4

Published by Squadron/Signal Publications, 1986

Buy from Amazon UK

Not as good as Dick Ward's or Alan Hall's books but worth a look - nice pics and colour detail of u/c, cockpit, etc for the model-making fraternity.

Book cover

Hawker Hunter by Barry Jones

ISBN 1 86126 0830

Published by Crowood Press, 1998

Buy from Amazon UK

Has a few nice pics in it that haven't been seen before, but otherwise a bit disappointing. The appendicies on Tech Data and Production & Serial Blocks are very thin on the ground (no individual a/c histories at all), and also the first 24 pages have nothing to do with the Hunter at all (e.g. how does the Me 163 get in there?).

Book cover

Hawker Hunter in Action by Glenn Ashley

ISBN 0-89747-273-X

Published by Squadron/Signal Publications, 1992

Buy from Amazon UK

The usual Squadron/Signal format and quality.

Aeroguide No. 9 - Hunter F.6/FGA.9

Published by Linewrights

Now out of print so if you see one, grab it. Lots of detail pictures (mostly monochrome) and scale plans.

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