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Hawker Hunter - Survivor 'WV314' (really E-424)

F.51 WV314 - South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum, Aeroventure, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

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Hunter F.51 WV314 at South Yorkshire Air Museum, 22nd September 2023; Jake Wallace

Pictured above is ex-Danish F.51 E-424, painted up to represent WV314.

In the 1990s, E-424 was painted in its appropriate Danish camouflage scheme, but this later changed when she was repainted into red/white and grey 4FTS colours. She wore this livery up until 2015 when a new repaint was underway into 92 Sqn colours, representing WV314.

The paint has started to fade, but overall is holding up well! The canopy also doesn't look too bad considering it sits in direct sunlight with no canopy cover, although the quarter panel on the starboard side has begun to cloud over.

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