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Survivor 'WV395' (really E-410)

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F.51 WV395 - Aviodome, Lelystad, Netherlands

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Hunter F.51 WV395 at Lelystad, 16th August 2006; Damien Burke

This is really E-410 but is painted as WV395, a Valley-based FTS machine. Quite why this is the case I don't know, but the Aviodome collection does seem to be a little quirky anyway! Built by Hawkers specifically as an F.51 for the Danes, she first flew on 27th March 1956 and served with Esk 724. She was bought back by Hawkers in 1976 and sold to the Aviodome in 1979. She was displayed on poles high above the floor so you could walk underneath the aircraft when at the Aviodome's previous location, but is much more conventionally presented at their new home at Lelystad as you can see.

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