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Hawker Hunter - Survivor E-421

F.51 E-421 - BAE Systems, Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey

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Hunter F.51 E-421 at Brooklands, 6th January 2011; Richard E Flagg

E-421 was one of many Hunters sold to Denmark, first flying on 4th May 1956 and serving with ESK 724. When the Danes had retired them, many came back to Hawkers (later BAe) during 1976 for possible re-sale. This one however, spent its retirement as a training airframe with BAe and later at a technical college.

When the college had no further use for it, E-421 was saved and transported to Brooklands where it was restored to the excellent condition it is in now and repainted in this early 1960s colour scheme. The paint had deteriorated somewhat by 2003 but a return visit in 2006 found it had been repainted once more and looking good.

E-421 still looks good to this day bar the canopy and windows starting to go cloudy.

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