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Hawker Hunter - Survivor XL586 (composite with XL578)

T.7 XL586 - Four Acre Farm, Ingrave, Essex

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Hunter T.7 XL586 at Wickford, 4th March 2017; Richard E Flagg

XL586 was in use for some years as a gate guard by the Delta Jets hangar at Kemble but then moved on, being transported by Historic Aero Services to new owners in Melksham in August 2009. The cluster bomb seen under the wing on one photo is decidedly non-standard - a joke by the Delta Jets ground crew that looked after her for several years - and she's gained the rear fuselage and wings from XL578, hence wearing that serial on one side.

She didn't stay long and was moved to Essex where she became the gate guard at an outdoor activities park, again not staying long before being dismantled and put into open storage. In 2022 she had reappeared at a new location near Ingrave in Essex (sadly not visible from the road), and had been put back together. Up to date photos welcomed!

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