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Hawker Hunter - Survivor XG225

F.6A XG225 - RAF Museum Midlands, (gate guardian), RAF Cosford, Shropshire

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Hunter F.6A XG225 at RAF Cosford Museum, 21st April 2022; Jake Wallace

Beginning service life as an F.6 with 92 Squadron, XG255 flew with the Blue Diamonds and in 1962 was converted to an F.6A (interim FGA.9). As 92 Squadron began accepting their new Lightnings in 1963, XG225 moved onto 229 OCU and later the TWU. In April 1980, XG225 was transferred to 237 OCU to keep Buccaneer pilots current (Buccaneers being grounded at the time because of fatigue problems).

By 1981 the aircraft was retired and went to Cosford to become an instructional airframe, finally being restored and placed on display in 1988. Sadly by 2003 it was no longer considered to be representative of Cosford's remit in training people for the modern RAF and was replaced... by a replica Spitfire, which makes sense..?! Anyways, the good news is that the Hunter was moved across to the museum and is now on public view at the main entrance. This is where she has stood for many years and still stands today, welcoming guests into the RAF Museum!

Her appearance has since faded, with the green camouflage turning brown, the roundels badly fading, and the canopy clouding over, but that aside, she is in surprisingly good condition. The undercarriage bays have been well coated with wax oil (albeit some years ago) which has helped to preserve her. The canopy has been closed shut with sealant, making sure it is watertight from the elements and all blanks have been riveted to the aircraft, securing them in place. Internally, although it is difficult to see in through the milky canopy, it seems as though she is not all that empty! Hopefully, XG225 will be given a repaint at some point in the future to make her appearance a little more presentable to arriving visitors.

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