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Survivor XJ690 (composite with ET-273)

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F.6 XJ690 - Bournemouth Aviation Museum, Bournemouth Airport, Hurn, Dorset

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Hunter F.6 XJ690 at Hurn, 20th December 2005;

Bit of a tricky Hunter to pigeonhole, this one. It's made up largely from the fuselage of T.7 ET-273 with the nose of FGA.9 XJ690 grafted on, which I reckon makes it an F.6. Argue all you want! Once displayed near the Bournemouth Aviation Museum (ex Jet Heritage) at Bournemouth (Hurn) Airport, the aircraft was dedicated to the memory of Mike Carlton, the founder of the original Hunter One collection which formed the roots for Jet Heritage and the BAM. With the museum's enforced departure from the airport, hopefully XJ690 will be put back on display at their nearby new home.

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