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Hawker Hunter - Survivor XG210 (composite with XL572/XL623)

F.6 XG210 - Privately Owned, Beck Row, Suffolk

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Hunter F.6 XG210 at Beck Row, 27th May 2020; Damien Burke

An ex-RAE F.6 now privately owned, her wings are those of XL572 and XL623. Unfortunately during the summer of 1999 some low-life broke into the cockpit and stole the entire instrument panel; the owner moved the aircraft to a more secure location for some months but then put it back on display in his front garden, easily visible from the road. She's accumulated some moss and muck on one side and could really do with a clean at the least and really needs to be repainted, but she appears to be in fairly decent nick otherwise. At one point the aircraft had been adopted by a local ATC unit - 2417 (Newmarket) ATC and they had begun cleaning the aircraft. However their website no longer exists and little further news was heard. There were then reports that the airframe was no longer at Beck Row; this was because it had been moved back away from the road for a restoration - she is now back on display near the roadside, but the years have once again made her mucky and an attempt to open the canopy has left her cockpit open to the elements.

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