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English Electric Canberra - Survivor N40UP (ex XH567)

B.6 N40UP - John Fischer, Canberra USA (Restoration to fly), Lakeport, California, USA

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Canberra B.6 N40UP at Lakeport, 10th May 2021; Canberra USA

XH567 was built in 1955 a part of a four aircraft contract and the airframe went straight to the charge of Ministry of Aircraft. XH567 was later moved to the Royal Aircraft Establishment and took part in the Air Torpedo Development Unit (ATDU) trials based at Gosport during the mid to late 1950s. Once the ATDU were finished with the airframe, she moved on to the Radar Research Establishment in 1961. XH567 was also used in the development of the Sideways Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR) which was intended for the TSR.2 programme. The airframe made her retirement flight into Thurleigh in December 1976.

XH567 was at some point moved to Kemble Airfield with a private owner who had the vision to fly her to the USA along with Canberra WT327. Delta Jets who were based at Kemble prepared the airframe for the long crossing of the Atlantic ocean as they had previous experience with exporting classic jet aircraft. For this flight, XH567 was put on the American Register with the serial N40UP which she still carries today.

The aircraft departed Kemble on Saturday 8th April 1998, with a stop at Llanbedr overnight due to unserviceability before carrying on across the Atlantic to California. Both XH567 and WT327 displayed around the USA together for 3 years or so before the company sadly collapsed.

Both XH567 and WT327 were taken on by Air Power Inc who put them up for sale in mid 2020. XH567 was purchased by John Fischer on the 3rd November 2020 who has a small team of dedicated volunteers which make the Canberra USA group, who intend to get this airframe back in the air once more!

By March 2021, the starboard engine had been successfully run and the current plans are to prepare the airframe for a ferry flight to John's local airport in California where the group can proceed with the restoration to flight project.

Follow them on the Canberra USA Facebook page to keep up with any restoration updates.

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