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Blackburn Buccaneer - Survivor XX885 (G-HHAA)

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S.2B XX885 - Hawker Hunter Aviation Ltd. RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire

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Buccaneer S.2B XX885 at RAF Scampton, 9th September 2017; Alan McConnell

XX885 today is the only complete Buccaneer still wearing the wrap round grey colours which was applied when she arrived back from the Gulf War in 1991. At one point there was a serious attempt to return her to the air here in the UK! She's complete, always been undercover, never dismantled and has no corrosion. A complete IRAN (Inspect & Repair as Necessary) was concluded by HHA engineers in 2003 on the entire airframe and all subsystems. Custodial maintenance and ground runs were carried out on a very regular basis as per the maintenance schedules. Airframe and engine hours are good, the AP library is complete, they have acquired and overhauled a complete set of Bucc GSE and also acquired, inspected, catalogued, overhauled and stored a considerable number of Buccaneer spares amongst which was the entire Bucc spares pack from RAE Bedford, an organisation which like HHA operated a single Bucc away from normal squadron support. These stores include at least 2 spare engines. HHA is well financed with adequate resources to see the project through; however they are always on the look out for more spares, GSE and any spare APs - also photos of the aircraft in service. The good news in late 2005 was that the CAA had finally granted approval for HHA to operate this complex type in UK skies - however she has still yet to take to the air; HHA have stated that operations of their Hunters (which actually earn them some money) have taken priority.

Thankfully XX885 is still undercover and out of the elements today, however, she hasn't ran in years now let alone attempting to get back in the air due to their Hunters being first priority. Unfortunately XX885 rarely in the public eye as she is kept in one of the HHA hangars on a live RAF base so getting photos of her is rather difficult - she was last seen in front of the public at the RAF Scampton Airshow in 2017 on static display.

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